Dining Room Progress: Week 6 {Walls Before and After}

Our dining room is officially back in business. Of course, there are lots of outstanding issues, like the window treatments and wall decor, but at least we have a usable room again. 

We've come a long way from the days of the retro, tropical themed paper
{Had some fun earlier this week putting the hutch back together with a couple of new additions.}

And the sad little undersized wainscoting that used to line the walls. 

The new board and batten style moulding is larger and chunkier, adding a lot of architectural interest to the space. Not to mention, setting off our new, bold wall color.

Next on the list, is replacing these sad 10 year old Target faux-silk draperies.

Adding a mirror here and working on this pathetic excuse for a tabletop vignette. 

Back in the day, I gave you a sneak peek of the antique pine jam cabinet we added to this corner of the room. 

So much more storage and functionality in the space already. And we love how the warm coral color on the walls, brings out the golden tones of the pine.

Special thanks to Mr. DD and our little helper, who put in all the effort to get the dining room back to a useable space just in time for the holidays. 

Happy weekend everyone! 

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