Citron and Spots

Another weekend come and gone, Monday's here again. Was it a good one for you? Saturday, we hosted our first dinner club and pulled out all the stops in the dining room. It's not often I dress up the dining table with a cloth, an ironed cloth and napkins, nonetheless. After the table was set, I was inspired to take a couple of pictures …

She cleans up pretty good, right. It's funny, actually, because we have quite a few changes planned for this room - it's just a shame we couldn't make them happen before the dinner club festivities. Always seems to be the case, doesn't it?

Change number 1: finally reupholstering the head chairs I received from my parents when they downsized a couple of months ago. Read about the chairs here and the fabrics I had chosen at the time. I really had my heart set on a turquoise velvet for the head chairs, but after several attempts resulting in few good options I decided to change direction.

When creating a fabric scheme, I'm a fan of highlighting a smaller accent color, which is how I ended up with this spotty citron beauty. Obviously, citron is a big pop of color on it's own, but paired with the dark jade walls in our dining room - I think it will make quite the statement. I can't wait to see it all come together. 

until next time, 

Transformation: So Long Tapestry

Lately, we've been talking a lot about transformations within your home. Whether it be a little paint or just a bit of accessorizing, sometimes it's the little stuff that goes a long way. And, sometimes, you gotta go all in with the big change. 

Like with this chair, for instance. This lovely, tapestry inspired, late 90's chair has been with me for a very long time. Like my first apartment, long time. You've probably never seen it before because I've spent the last 4+ years strategically editing it out of every. single. photo.
Sure, I could have sold this chair and purchased a lesser quality chair for a couple hundred dollars, but this is a solid, well constructed, extremely comfortable chair that really does deserve another stab at life. 

So, when I stumbled across a great sale ($10/yard) on upholstery weight fabrics at a local design shop, I pulled the trigger - bought the fabric and sent this chair off to the upholsters.
And, clearly, it was worth it because look at her now. 

ps. don't miss another new-to-me little side table courtesy of my parents…did I not tell you every post from now until eternity would feature something of theirs!

So good, I'll show you another angle. 
Can you even believe it's the same chair? I feel like I've waited forever to do this…give or take 14 years. 
My point is, don't rush to purge or dismiss items that aren't necessarily your style. There is so much that can be done to make them work in your home and with your style. 

Since moving in a little over a year ago, the den has been the most "unfinished" room in the house. Because of that eyesore of a tapestry chair, perhaps? But, suddenly, it's starting to come together and have a presence all its own. Time and patience, I suppose. Oh, and a truck load of stuff from my parents. Details, details.
Now, to get rid of that hideous ceiling fan…

until next time,