Adding Black

So, remember those 1-month-in images I shared the other day? And remember how many times I've said I wanted to take a slightly different direction with this house? Our Chicago house definitely had a farmhouse vibe going, but here, in our Charlotte house, I want something a bit different. Well, looking at those images, things just didn't seem to be lining up. 
Time to get the wheels spinning: How am I going to take my mostly traditional furnishings and add a more modern twist to keep things feeling fresh? Budget is always top of mind around here, so there's no way I am scratching everything we have and starting over.

What to do, what to do? How about adding a big hit of black?
Yup, you heard me right. 

I went out on a limb, took a total risk and purchased a black and white rug for our dining room. I've loved this rug for awhile now, have recommended it to many friends and clients over the years, and finally decided that they shouldn't be the only ones to have all the fun. Why couldn't I use this very graphic statement in my own home? Paired with my traditional dining set and new favorite wall color, I am loving what it's doing for the room. 
The black has managed to take the stuffy right out of this traditional room.

Clearly, I couldn't just stop with one big dose of black, I have to carry it around the house in other forms to make it feel like a cohesive statement and not just some big modern thumb sticking out. 
Right across the hall from the dining room is the living room, aka the TV room in our home, I added a simple, small scale black and white print pillow to the mix. Eventually, I'd like to add some black furniture to this room as well to really hit the message home.

I love how the black makes the other colors in the throw pillows pop - almost like they are just that much brighter. Who knew one color had so much power, right?

Not to be forgotten, the den also received a touch of black in the form of this large scale woven geometric pillow.  Which happens to play really nicely with the black toned lamps in this room. And helps to offset the very light cream couch, too.

Officially, the first big decorating change in our new home. 
What do you think? Does a dose of black help to freshen the space? Will you be adding any black into your home?

until next time,