Client installs are always fun days. Today was no exception. But, there's a lot of work that goes into styling a space.


The initial consultation. 
Discussing wants vs. needs, taking measurements, before pictures.
Today's project: home bar styled on an existing sideboard. 
I'm on the hunt for lighting, tray, bar tools, ice bucket and of course the little details to make it all come together. The existing color scheme of the home, shades of blue with pops of burnt orange.

Option 1

Shopping. Often considered the favorite part. 

My business philosophy: providing the designer style without the matching price tag. Meaning, it may take a little longer to complete the project, but what I can save you in product costs far exceeds what I charge for an hourly shopping fee. 

Take the orb lamp featured here, found at HomeGoods for less than $100. Days later, spotted at a designer shop for over $350. 

Option 2

My second favorite part, practice styling. There's nothing more embarrassing or unprofessional than showing up for a client install with not enough stuff! I always try to lay out a stylized faux vignette whenever I can. That way I can play with items, textures, colors and potential looks for my client spaces. 

I set these looks up in my own dining room prior to the install. Over a series of days, I noticed the need for balanced color, height, and softness to round out all the hard edges. More shopping.

Install day. 
(More pictures to come.)
After all the background work, install is quick and painless. Hopefully :)
Feedback, tweaking and finally invoicing. 

Source List: HomeGoods, Marshalls, Home Depot, West Elm, Target, Crate and Barrel.

Creating a home through creative styling has always been my passion. Doing it on a budget is my advantage. Lucky for you, I'd be happy to share it with you! Check out my services page (here) or contact me directly to develop a custom plan.

I hope you enjoyed this little peak into one of my projects.

until next time, 

Tabletop Transformation

 Recently,  I read an interesting article on coffee table styling using a quadrant format that I wanted to share with you, but after a very frustrating and unsuccessful search, I can't seem to find it! 
I guess you'll just have to trust me that it was a good read because it got me to thinking about our living room coffee table.

It wasn't so much the formula for coffee table styling that inspired me, but the realization that our coffee table would be a great surface to start to interject more of the fresh french traditional style into our living room. (To read more about my style evolution click here.)
Here's a snap shot from awhile back to give you a sense of what this space has been looking like for the last 6 months or so. 

And here's where we are now.

The jumping off point for the tabletop transformation was this quirky, vintage-inspired terrarium from West Elm I received for Christmas. 
I love succulents and have had a lot of success with them over the last couple of years, so they were an easy choice for outfitting the terrarium. Really, I just transferred these from the other container I  used previously :) Plus, at $3 a pop, if one goes it's not the end of the world.

Friends always ask how I can have a styled tabletop with little kids running around. One of my tricks is to include something small they like to play with so some of the bigger items seem less appealing. I mean, obviously, I'm not going to place a family heirloom or a really expensive item on my coffee table and stress about the kids touching it. Keep it inexpensive, fun for them and fun for me to look at, too.
Here, I've included a brass kaleidoscope that I found at TJ Maxx in the clearance section for a whopping $8. 
Enjoy kids!

Books are an easy go-to and fun item to rotate in and out as your collection and interests change. I always try to include a couple different topics, a little something for everyone - travel, cooking, decorating, perhaps something seasonal.
Side note: I just ordered two new decorating books with some Christmas money I had - can't wait!
Also, this little dragonfly is from the Threshold collection at Target. Another kid favorite. 

I've also kept the lines straight on this tabletop, which is definitely something new for me. Usually I am the queen of the angle, as John likes to tell me. But, I think the clean, straight lines help keep things feeling fresh and more modern. 

I'm loving our new fresh design and how this room is finally coming together. More details on the room soon, as I am sure you've already noticed some of the changes we've made. 

Hope you had great weekend!

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