Give and Take

Last week I shared our new haint blue porch ceiling; chalk one up on my "Southern" card. Just when you think I might truly be embracing our new locale, I go and do something so completely un-Southern…

I removed all the plantation shutters off the back of our house (which is really just the den and kitchen). Can you even believe it? Plantation shutters are an institution around here. 

But, in the end, I really felt closed in by the shutters. A distinct lack of association with the outdoors. I craved and needed the natural light and to see our outdoor spaces. 

No one agreed with me on this change, which is why it's taken ages to make. And we've only just popped the hinges - didn't even remove them, or the moulding for that matter. Still a ways to go, once everyone agrees that shutter-less windows is the way forward.

For now, I'm bucking the trend and loving it! Despite the fact that it makes these rooms even harder to photograph. Problems, problems…

until next time,