What a Pair

of chairs!

As I mentioned in my previous post, I picked up this lovely pair of Sherrill chairs off eBay for a bargain $150! Seriously, this brand of chair runs for closer to $900 each - I was thrilled to get them at this price.

Of course, as when buying anything online, there is a bit of a risk involved and the chairs weren't quite what I expected when they arrived here. 

The post specifically said they were down-filled, which they were not. In fact they were really under-stuffed. So we purchased Dacron fiberfill and filled up the back cushions. This went a long way to giving them a 'new' look.

I was also disappointed to see that the chairs had received some tough love from a furry friend of the previous owner. It looked like the cording along the bottom of one of the chairs had served as chew toy.

What's a girl to do? 
Get out the glue gun, of course, and attach some trim to hide those chew marks!

If you follow me on Facebook, you probably saw my trim shopping!

Easy peasy! 

Plus, it gives them a more custom look while also tying them into my living room color scheme.

What can't trim do? Really, I am obsessed!

Add on a throw and some coordinating pillows and they look they were meant to be in this room all along. 

Not bad for $150!

I even added a bit of the trim to the ottoman.

Despite this bit of mis-information, I still believe they are good value for money!

And I love how they have transformed the living room. 

Until next time,