Roll Over

Have you ever noticed how one project often rolls into another? Take for instance, our dining room. What was supposed to be a simple removal of an enclosed arch has morphed into another much larger scale project; involving headers, supports, replacement floors and a lot more work than either of us bargained for. 

But, that's a topic for another day, because I'm too annoyed to deal with it now. 

But, it does lead me to the point of this post, which is that a similar thing happened with this little corner of our kitchen that's now sporting a new pair of cafe curtains. Once I started working over here, I realized I hadn't updated the shelving since the kitchen was completed a little over a year ago. 

Time to add in a little Fall, wouldn't you say? 

Some of the fundamental foundation pieces are still in tact, like the flour/sugar canisters and the Provencal tray we received as a wedding gift many moons ago. 

And, of course, I couldn't part with my collection of blue and white Cornishware. Certainly this little bundle of decorative wheat helps to temper all that blue and white and add to the Fall feel.

I also added another antique Cornishware bowl that's just been sitting in the basement {why, i'm not sure.}. Filled with faux apples and pinecones, it picks up on the bit of red featured in the window treatments. And, definitely feels like Fall - when all things apple come into play.

Rounding out the new additions to the shelving are a sun-loving, fall hued angel plant and a larger than life, faux acorn. 

I'm liking how the darker fall accents are playing off the copper kettles and helping to balance out all the white. 

These little pops of color in our white & cream kitchen are certainly helping it feel more seasonal. Now, hopefully, I'll remember to change it out again before a years time! 

How about you - any current projects rolling into new ones?

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