How to Add Interest to Styled Shelves

Since I've been talking endlessly about styling shelves, what with my dining room hutch (here) and my library shelving (here), I thought I'd take it a step farther and offer some tips on adding interest to your next shelf styling project. 


Here are a couple easy, go-to ideas, for adding interest to your shelves:

1. Baskets.
Baskets are practically the perfect shelving accessory. Not only do they look great, add texture and cover a lot of real estate, but they function for hiding some of life necessities that are a little less than attractive.
Pottery Barn always has a lovely selection of baskets, which happen to be on sale as I type this, but I always have great luck at HomeGoods, Tj Maxx, etc. 

2. Framed Art.
Whether you choose to include family photos, prints or frame just about anything that has meaning to you, art can add a lot of personality to your space. Hung in the shelf, propped up against the back, hung in front of the shelves or atop a stack of books - it all looks good, while adding depth to your styling.
If you're looking for simple black frames, Target is always a good source. 

3. Ceramics/Vessels.
A collection or grouping of ceramics or vessels can add a pop of color or a bit of texture to an otherwise basic display. 
I'm currently crushing on these woven ceramic vases from West Elm.

4. Plants.
Adding something natural, like a plant can add a bit of life to what could be a fairly one dimensional space. I love the two plants incorporated in the image above, so homey.
Believe it or not, I buy the majoirty of my house plants from Home Depot. They have a great selection at very reasonable prices. Especially orchids. I've also heard very good things about plants from IKEA.


Whether you choose to incorporate one of these suggestions or all of the above, the key is to repeat shapes, colors, groupings, etc throughout the shelves to keep the eye moving and therefore creating interest.
Easy peasy, right?

So, any shelf styling in your future?

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Taking the Breakfast out of the Breakfast Room

I spent the weekend trying to take the breakfast out of our breakfast room, if you know what I mean. 

Out went the roosters, bowls, pitchers, and other miscellaneous kitchen paraphernalia. And in came the books...books, books, and more books. 

In fact, I wish I had more books to add. But, a collection is a good thing. And mine is one to add to. 
Anyway, it's a good excuse to update my decor books. 

I've also added a pair of green urns, as well as some framed art to fill the negative space. 

Blogging isn't a full time job for me, but mommy-hood is, so I share our new library workspace with the girls and their toys. 

Top half for Mommy, bottom half for the kids. 
And, much more library than breakfast room...wouldn't you say?

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How To: Styling Shelves

Here it is. Our newly styled hutch. 
As I mentioned, styling shelves is one of my favorite things to work on, but this hutch really had me rethinking everything. So much so that I had to gather inspirational images to help me get to this look.

Our hutch has had a couple looks since we first brought it home, but they never seemed quite right. Too cluttered or too plain. Previously, I chalked it up to working with what I had and not purchasing specific pottery to fit. But, as it turns out, I just needed to re-evaluate my method.

1. Start by adding the big ticket items, anything large that would dominate the space. Like the pitcher, large scale bird, and soup tureens. 

2. Next, add your background pieces. Like plates, platters, and in my case these vintage silver casserole covers. 
(Remember I'm using what I have!)

3. Then, start adding your filler pieces. I tried to add a variety of pieces for a touch of whimsy and color while varying heights and textures. 

Some of my favorite combinations are shown here. My Mom gave me the green platters, which I paired with a couple of salad plates from our formal china. 
You know how I feel about blue and green.

A collection of blue and white tea cups and a sweet little bird atop a stack of saucers.

4. The final step, is to add natural elements for further texture. I topped simple white bowls with decorative moss spheres, included a silver bowl of limes, and added large pinecones to a white serving dish.

I've kept the pallet to mostly tonal shades of green and white, with a good dose of well loved, tarnished silver and just a hint of blue. Not too neutral, but not overwhelming with pattern and color. Just enough to keep you interested.

Hope this little step by step helps you with your next shelving project. 

Speaking of, with this change of dining location, our former breakfast room has been in need of a new purpose. A new purpose, means new tweaks to our storage shelving. More to come on that later...No shelf space is safe in our home at the moment. It's a shelf-a-palooza!

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Shelving Inspiration

Styling shelves is one of my ultimate favorite things, but I have to admit that working with our hutch really threw me for a loop.

So I did what I always do and turned to the internet to find some inspirational images. 

It seems there are definitely two trains of thought. Some lean toward a minimalist look with quite a bit of negative space. 

While others go for a more layered, full look.

So it would seem that one should:
use a cohesive color pallet
vary heights and depths
add texture

Good to know. 

Next up, I'll share the styling of our hutch. 

until next time,