Workspace Reveal

Happy Monday! (Said no one, ever.) I'm so excited to share my workspace with you today…it's been a long time in the making, but it's finally done and I am loving it. And loving having a dedicated work zone all to myself. Except when we have guests, of course, then it converts back to a guest room.

Welcome to my workspace.  
I've taken quite a few pics, so get ready for a picture-palooza. 

Maximizing storage in this small corner was my first priority - I managed to sneak it in just about everywhere: mini file cabinet for paperwork, decorative boxes for post-its, pushpins, etc, and rolling storage for larger, bulkier items.

Quick note about the white ceramic pineapple - it's actually a lamp, not that you'd know it at first glance. The price was right, so I removed the clip in light/socket/cord from the base and am using it solely for it's good looks. Sneaky.

The desk isn't huge, but I made room for a file stand, tabletop file tray, scratch paper, coaster, decorative bowl for paperclips, and pen cup. Just the essentials, obviously.

The results have far exceeded my expectations, both aesthetically and functionally. 
The rest of the room is coming along, as well. I hope to share it with you soon. In the meantime, below is a list of the what and wheres. 

desk top/legs/etagere - Ikea, previous post
chair - World Market, previous post
pineapple lamp, gold storage basket, decorative boxes, glass knot, mini file cabinet, brass pharmacy lamp, cork board, flower framed art, file tray, file stand, coaster, scratch paper, pen cup, turkish towel - HomeGoods
marbleized files, navy bowl, scissors, standing urchin - Target
turquoise and orange picture frame - Scout and Molly's (local)
striped notebook cover - Mark and Graham
beach painting - vintage family heirloom
pillow - existing

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The Little Lady Room Reveal

It seems as though I am on a girl's room roll because … another one bites the dust. That's right, the little lady's room is also done. 

We've come along way from the sad room with the broken crib. Remember the ikea bed, the bright ebay quilt, and the clearance aisle teal throw? You'd never know that it didn't all come together, that it wasn't purchased as a set. 

Then, of course, there's my favorite DIY craft to date, the pom-pom sham. Fortunately, my pom-pom obsession hasn't carried on to other rooms, yet.

 The original gallery wall that spurred on enough sibling rivalry to create a gallery wall in the hot pink room, too. And my childhood dresser updated with cute floral inspired knobs.

 The Play nook conveniently hidden from the door view. Sometimes when I think our little lady has slept in, I round the corner and see this area demolished and then I know she graciously let us sleep in. That's a good girl right there. 

Two girl's room completed in the same year! I never saw it coming, but I couldn't be happier knowing that they're settled into their own spaces and I've achieved the one goal I set this year. 

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Dark and Hairy Progress {Powder Room Reveal}

It's no secret that I'm feeling super inspired by the dark room movement at the moment {I posted about it here and here}. So, we took to the walls to make it a reality in our own home. 
Welcome to the newly navy {BM Hale Navy to be exact} powder room. 

Can I just stop for a moment to say how incredibly hard it is to photograph a tiny space with no natural light and dark walls while not using a flash. Zoinks, these are some tough photos. Sorry 'bout that!


We are loving all that drama! The color is much richer in person, a navy with a hint of a deep purple undertone. 

As if you couldn't have guessed, I did manage to score and incorporate a bit of faux taxidermy to the space. More on how I glamorized this little guy later in the week...

Although our powder room is not large, I was able to carve out a corner for this sweet, little accordion table filled with some powder room essentials. 
The stargazer lily adds a wonderful pop of color in here - almost inspiring me to add a hot pink towel. 

For the moment, I've added a tonal towel in a shade of teal blue that contrasts nicely again the navy walls while not standing out entirely to steal the show in this sparsely decorated room. 

A new light fixture and a fun soap dispenser is on the wish list, but for now, this bold statement of a wall color is making me more than happy.

Hope you had a great weekend! And tell me, how do you feel about dark walls?

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Nothing Like We Planned {Breakfast Room Reveal}

It seems like it was forever-and-a-day ago that I shared the big reveal of our kitchen revamp (here) and a peak into the breakfast room. Ok, so maybe it was only 3 weeks ago, but it has taken me a long time to say thank you. 
Thank you for all the lovely comments.  Which, by the way, we really do appreciate. Kind of the reason for blogging, that and the never ending excuse to work on the house!

Anyway, to show our appreciation the best way we know how, I thought I'd share a bit more of the house with you today. 
Welcome to the breakfast room. 

The breakfast room is open to the kitchen, which was one of the many criteria we had on our "new home" list. It's a light and bright space that is deceivingly large. 

The original plan for this room was to use our old, smaller breakfast table (here) from the Chicago house. It wasn't until the movers placed our farmhouse table here to "rest" that we even realized it would fit. The hutch, which I had planned to use in the hallway, found it's way into this room with a similar story. 

I purchased the rug from Overstock while we were living in our temporary apartment (here). I had planned to use it in the den. 
The jam cabinet found a brief home in the playroom housing art supplies until we decided to relocate it to this sunny corner of the breakfast room. 

The breakfast room is nothing like I had planned it to be, but that's the beauty and the irony of it all. Because it is, by far, one of the most "finished", most comfortable and certainly most inviting spaces in our new home. 
Funny how that happens.

Sometimes it's the least planned areas that turn out the best.
Take a second look at your own furniture, try it in a different space, it could be the best unplanned move you've ever made. 

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Sayonara Forest Green Tile {Kitchen Refresh Reveal}

I had a friend recently tell me she thought I was crazy to undergo two kitchen renovations in two years. She may be right. 
In truth, I wasn't sure I wanted to tackle another big project like a kitchen update, after having just moved our whole family across country. But, John pushed for it, and I am so glad he did because we really couldn't be happier with the results. 

We tossed around a lot of ideas (like this and this), but ultimately chose to have the existing cabinets lacquered by a local finishing company. (You can check them out here, we found them to be very reasonable and flexible with our ever changing plans.) Once we realized that the cabinets were solid wood and more than likely custom at the time of their installation, lacquering became the best option to give them a new lease on life. We chose lacquer over paint because it's much more durable and gives a more professional look (less brush strokes, etc). Lacquer requires several thin sprayed layers that dry extremely quickly, allowing for a smoother finish than standard paint. 
Perimeter cabinets: BM Acadia White
Island cabinets: BM Brewster Gray

Sometimes I can't believe they are the same cabinets. Never doubt the transformative powers of paint, as they say. The finishing company did an amazing job. 
To further highlight the island from the perimeter cabinets we opted for two work surfaces. An accent granite on the island and a more subtle soapstone for the perimeter surfaces. Soapstone is its own entity, neither a granite or a marble. It is extremely resilient to heat, cold and staining, but it is soft and can scratch and chip easily. It also required seasoning (mineral oil) often after installation, which helps to minimize the appearance of scratching. But, it's all worth it because it looks so beautiful!
The backsplash is a simple small scale, mosaic white subway tile that we accented with two dotted pencil tiles. I think it offsets the soapstone beautifully.
We also looked at a lot of options for lighting, like these, but ultimately went with a French influenced iron lantern from here. I think the oversize scale fills the space well while the iron tones help to ground the area.

The kitchen desk nook: an unsung hero. 
Honestly, I didn't think I'd use this space as much as I have been, but I love it and find it so convenient - my new blogging home!
 In this area, I chose to remove the cabinet doors for a lighter look, easier access to cookbooks, and also to contrast all the closed cabinet storage throughout the rest of the kitchen. You know how I feel about everything being all matchy, matchy! I love open shelving, and this was the only place to make it happen. No one agreed with this change, including the finishers, John, the contractor and my Mom, but I went for it and am loving it! Sometimes you just have to trust your instincts...

A little peak into the breakfast room which is coming together nicely (more on that later). And the den, where the walls are painted in BM Brewster Gray, like the island. 
As you can see, the zigzag island still exists (you can read more about that here), but we rounded out the angle on the sink side of the island and did away with the angle all together on the other side. Less lightening bolt and more counter space - double win!
I mean, can you ever have too much counter space? I think not.

Of course, I couldn't write this post without including a good ol' fashioned before photo. I still walk in sometimes, stop in my tracks, and just stare. How far we've come!
Sayonara forest green tile! You are not missed.

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