Restyled Fall Wreath

It's a fall themed week - next up, my restyled wreath!

You know I try to create a warm welcome any time of year, but especially in the fall. To me, fall is all about warmth, coziness, and welcoming all. 

And where better to start this theme than at the front door?

This is last year's wreath, which I still like, but thought maybe this year it needed a bit more umph!
By umph I mean: color, texture, and balance (obviously).

Let's see what we come up with...

First, I added a couple of sprigs of dried wheat. Using the 'place and tuck' method, I fit it in and amongst the other pieces. I worked in groups of 3 pieces of wheat, and added 5 clumps in total. The contrasting color of the wheat really pops against the faux lavender and purple eucalyptus bring the whole arrangement to life.

Now that I have more color, it's time to work on the balance issue. 
I picked up another faux sprig of lavender and added it to the other side. I didn't use glue or floral wire this time, I just tucked it in the amongst the grapevines. 

Much easier to add and remove items at whim this way! Perfect for a girl like me.

Next up, more eucalyptus. Fortunately, I had a bunch left over from last year's front porch pots. Again, just place and tuck trying to keep it as uniform to the other side as possible.

More wheat and it's really starting to come together!
I'm already liking it so much more than last year's.

In case you are curious, the wheat came from a bunch I picked up at our local grocery. I just removed a couple pieces at a time, and I still have the original bunch that I am currently using in the kitchen. Two for one - gotta love that!

The center needed a little something, so I pulled out my burlap garland and tied a big bow. 

I went a little crazy with the burlap last year, so I am trying to use it sparingly this year - I guess I am a bit of an addict. 

Who knew there was such a thing as a burlap addict, but unfortunately there is, and I am a full fledged member!

I added back the same seed pods from last year - one is looking a bit worse for the wear, but I did say I wanted texture, right? 
Waste not want not!

And now, finally, hanging on the front door. 
Color, texture, balance - I'd say I achieved all my goals! 

And at minimal cost too: $4.99 for the lavender and $12.99 for the wheat ( remember, it went double duty - so the full cost shouldn't even really be counted!)

My front door is certainly feeling more fall-ish now, next up - the front porch decor. I feel a trip to Home Depot (by far the best and most affordable source for plants in our area) coming my way in the very near future.

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