Workspace Progress

Right off the bat I'm going to tell you that this will not be the most aesthetically pleasing post I've ever put together, but progress isn't always pretty, people. That being said, progress is almost always good and I like good. 

So … check out the progress we've made thus far in our new workspace. Things you'll notice straight away - we picked the curved leg desk from Ikea and added a white metal etagere for storage. This desk is super budget friendly (I'll include a round up of items used at the bottom of this post) and looks pretty darn good, too. Especially after I sprayed the legs with a couple of coats of gold spray paint to achieve that metallic accent I was looking for.

As promised, we also swapped out the french doors for more small space friendly, bi-fold doors. An absolute necessity to fit the dresser in this corner. It's a tight fit, but it works. You may also have noticed that I got a little spray paint happy and transformed our mirror as well. The new high gloss finish on the mirror helps to tie the two spaces together. 

Less you think we stopped there, we did not. There's more progress. In the form of this new chair. 
Obviously, I settled on a non-rolling chair. It seemed like the smart choice based off of everyone's input on the matter - thanks to all that commented, by the way. Plus, the chair was on deep discount and I just couldn't turn away a comfortable, navy upholstered chair for $99. 

If ever I was concerned about paring navy with our blue grey walls, that moment has passed. The chair and I are committed, 100%. The guest room/workspace is such a bright and light filled space that it handles the dark navy perfectly. That's a good thing because I am in the middle of a serious blue moment. 

until next time, 

Progress Report: Kitchen Garden Rock Wall {Part 2}

Last we left you, our new to-be kitchen garden was looking like this. 

A nice big space cleared of all the weeds and debri. 
Noticeably absent: any sort of retaining wall to hold that raised garden in place. That's because we were toying with the idea of expanding the overall size (note the black rope) and investigating other options for the retaining wall.
Option 1: Reusing the old railroad ties. But, unfortunately they didn't fit the new dimensions of the garden.
Option 2: Purchasing new railroad ties, which as it turns out are kind of hard to find. Both Lowes and HomeDepot had similar options that were fairly cost effective.

But, in the end, we both knew we wanted to go with Option 3: Natural stone. 
A dry stack stone wall was something we had planned for our Chicago yard (remember this inspiration post?) , but the unexpected move to the Charlotte put a damper on that one. So why not reprise that vision for our new kitchen garden.
A quick internet search led us to this company just outside Charlotte. We packed the girls up and headed out on an adventure…or at least that's how we sold it to them. 

We quickly settled on a gray toned stone called Eagle Mountain. The new wall will be approximately 45 ft long and about 10 inches high which translates to about 1.5 tons of stone. That's a lot of stone and a big investment, but hopefully will make an equally big statement in the backyard. That we love for a very long time.

We also ordered: 3 yards of filler dirt and 1 yard of black gold (compost) to backfill the garden. And 3 yards of crush & run (base for walkways) and 3 yards of crushed stone to create the walkways within the garden. 

With all the major purchases behind us and deliveries filling the driveway, it's time to get working. This past weekend, we spent a couple of hours getting started. 
Here's our plan,
Step 1: dig a trench 3-5 inches deep depending on height of wall.
Step 2: place rocks, edge to edge in the trench, leveling as you go. Bigger, wider rocks at the bottom moving up to smaller rocks near the top.
Step 3: Backfill dirt to the edge of the wall. 
Step 4: Fill any large spaces between rocks with crush & run between layers. 

Here's a peak at one of the areas where we have added the crush & run to provide extra support between the rocks and layers.

After 3 hours work, this is where we stand. Two layers, but only some areas are sporting the additional crush & run. Lots of work still to do, but a good start. Planting goal is mid April. More to come. 

until next time,

Worth the Research

We all want our homes to look fabulous without spending a fortune, right? But sometimes the designer, custom look seems impossible without the matching price tag.
That's how I was starting to feel while researching new chairs for our living room. 
(You may remember I sold our previously loved club chairs on craigslist before we left Chicago.) 
Custom fabric from a big box store store was out of my range, finding a second hand chair to re-upholster wasn't working either. I started to downgrade my wishlist and look for a neutral chair that was more affordable. 

Then I happened upon this chair. A custom look at half the price. 
The modern nature print with blue background features corals, greens and yellows. Nailhead trim, tufted back and turned legs - I must have spent a fortune on this baby. But, I didn't.

It's like it was created just for me. I mean, how many people have a coral couch and a green chair in one room? The odds have to be pretty low on that one. 

Honestly, I hadn't planned on loving this chair. Yes, I posted about it way back when (here), but that's before I saw it in person. Before I feel in love. I tried to turn away, I did. I left it in the store twice, but when I couldn't stop thinking about it and how perfect the proportions were for our small space, I decided it was meant to be. And, now I am wondering if I have room for one more? 
Right here in this big empty space. 

The room is coming along. A new rug, something with more interest is definitely on the wish list. Gotta get something on these walls as well. A console for the TV wall, the search is on. 
It just goes to prove you never know where you'll stumble upon the piece that's meant to be for you...just gotta keep looking.

until next time,