How to Glamorize Taxidermy

You probably weren't terribly surprised to see the faux taxidermy in our powder room. I all but ruined the surprise in this post.
But, I do hope I surprised you with the finish on our little guy.

Can you tell he has little gold antlers? 
Well, he does. 
It's pretty subtle, I know. But, that's what I like about it.
Rustic glam. 
He didn't start out this way though.

I gave him a little lovin' via a small jar of Liquid Leaf in Classic Gold. 
Honestly, I found the antelope head at HomeGoods for under $25 and I passed it up. I loved the shape and the architecture of the antlers, but the finish just wasn't right for our dark powder room with brass accents. That's when it dawned on me…with just an extra bit of attention I could get the look I was after at a very reasonable price, not to mention instant gratification in taking him home with me that day. Yeah, for small victories.

Here's a close up of one of the antlers - see, it is all sparkly, beautiful and glamorous. 
I wouldn't lie to 'ya!

Maybe one day I'll figure out how to get a proper picture of this glamorized guy in our dark powder room. But, for now, you'll just have to trust me when I tell you he really pops with his gold accents against the navy wall. 
So much so that I left the wall clear of all other accouterment, which is a rarity for me, but that's how much I love me some glammed up taxidermy. 

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Dark and Hairy Progress {Powder Room Reveal}

It's no secret that I'm feeling super inspired by the dark room movement at the moment {I posted about it here and here}. So, we took to the walls to make it a reality in our own home. 
Welcome to the newly navy {BM Hale Navy to be exact} powder room. 

Can I just stop for a moment to say how incredibly hard it is to photograph a tiny space with no natural light and dark walls while not using a flash. Zoinks, these are some tough photos. Sorry 'bout that!


We are loving all that drama! The color is much richer in person, a navy with a hint of a deep purple undertone. 

As if you couldn't have guessed, I did manage to score and incorporate a bit of faux taxidermy to the space. More on how I glamorized this little guy later in the week...

Although our powder room is not large, I was able to carve out a corner for this sweet, little accordion table filled with some powder room essentials. 
The stargazer lily adds a wonderful pop of color in here - almost inspiring me to add a hot pink towel. 

For the moment, I've added a tonal towel in a shade of teal blue that contrasts nicely again the navy walls while not standing out entirely to steal the show in this sparsely decorated room. 

A new light fixture and a fun soap dispenser is on the wish list, but for now, this bold statement of a wall color is making me more than happy.

Hope you had a great weekend! And tell me, how do you feel about dark walls?

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Dark, Hairy, Glamorous {Powder Room Inspiration}

Ah, the powder room. We've got one. As I am sure you do, too. Ours is small with no natural light, nestled behind the stairs on the first floor. Perfect for a big statement. 
That's what I thought … and thought … and thought while I searched endlessly for the perfect paper to make such a statement. But, after months of endless searching, I've changed my tune and decided that paint can also make a bold statement.

Check out this dark, bold wall color. If this doesn't make a statement, I don't know what does. No need for wallpaper here. 

I love the natural wood tones in this space as well, a great contradiction to a lighter painted piece that you would expect to see paired with a darker wall. 

But, have you ever heard that old design rule about NOT painting a small, natural-light-less room a dark color? Yeah, me too. 
Who plays by those rules anyway?
It's going to be warm, cozy and super dramatic. Everything you want your powder room to be.

So, that's decided: paint the walls a dark, bold color.

But, what about accessories?

Of course, I am going brass. Just look how that gilded mirror really pops against the dark walls. Remember the vintage mirror I gold-leafed for our Chicago powder room (here)? 
It's coming back. 

Moving on...
Taxidermy, faux or real. What are your thoughts?
It's a huge trend right now and if you don't believe me check out these images I pulled from three of the biggest bloggers out there. 
Whether you go the natural route,

or the more modern white ceramic route,

or the rustic route - taxidermy isn't just for mountain cottages or country farmhouses anymore. 

Dark, hairy and glamorous.
Isn't that what everyone wants for their powder room?
 Stay tuned to see how it comes together.

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Powder Room Reveal

You've seen the stencil and the mirror, but you haven't seen them together...until now!

Welcome to our newly glamorized powder room.

The new scheme has proved to be pretty tonal, but I'm liking it. {White and cream together has always been a favorite.} In fact, the slightly wilted roses are the only bold color in the space, and clearly, they aren't a permanent feature.

I've kept the rustic hanging shelf, because along with white and cream, casual elegance is also one of my favorite things. Nothing crazy here on the shelves: soaps, scented candle and extra TP. It's not rocket science. 

But not everything in this space is new. In fact, the beautiful brass towel bar was here when we moved in.  I'm so happy we didn't trash it when we remodeled this room in the early days. 

The crystal and brass light fixture is also original to this room. I knew immediately, we'd keep this piece; a good cleaning was all it needed to really shine. And of course, it adds that bit of glamor that I really wanted in this space.

So, there you have it. An updated bath with a casually elegant feel. I may, very well, be in love. How about you?

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Gold Leafed Mirror

Our newly stenciled powder room was crying out for an updated mirror, something to match our new glammed up look. Initially, I started trolling craigslist and our local discount shops, but I kept coming up empty handed. 

I wanted something with loads of detail and an antiqued look {kinda like this one}.

Then I remembered an old mirror that we picked up in London years ago for our nursery/guest room. It was pained a cute rosy pink with golden accents. I loved it when we bought it but never really found a great place for it in this house. 
{sorry this is a terrible before picture, but it makes the after look that much more spectacular, right?}

Solid wood with beautiful details, it's a perfect candidate for a little makeover. 
{this picture was taken after a coat of adhesive was added, hence the shine.}

To achieve my desired glamorous, antiqued finish, I decided to give gold leafing a try. 
I ordered two packs {25 sheets each} of gold leaf composite, adhesive, sealer and an antiquing glaze and got started.

Once the adhesive was dry, each gold leaf sheet was applied using a foam brush. I quickly realized that the foam brush wasn't allowing the gold leaf to get into all the little nooks and crannies so I moved forward using my hands. Needless to say, it started to get a bit messy.

Despite my best efforts, I still couldn't get every little bit covered. At this point, I grabbed my trusty Rub N' Buff in Antique Gold and used a craft brush to cover the bigger areas.

I assumed, in advance, that I'd want to add an antique glaze, and I'm so glad I did. I was really surprised by how bright the gold leaf was. 

I covered the mirror with several layers of glaze to achieve my desired look. And, of course, went back in with a craft brush to darken the nooks and crannies. 

After each layer, I wiped away the excess with a clean towel. 

And now, I have a brand new, much more glamorous, antiqued golden mirror. 
What do you think? 

Can't wait to show you the mirror paired with the stenciled wall. The powder room has a brand new look and I'm lovin' it!

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