Porch Reveal 2015

The new metal roof on our back porch was finally installed late last week - just in time for our weekend festivities! Having a fully functioning, completely waterproof roof is reason enough to celebrate - and reason enough to finally get the camera out to take some pretty porch reveal pictures, too.

What do you think of the new roof? You can't even see it from the yard, actually, which is kind of nice. But, it does provide a lot more shade - something I'm having a hard time getting used to. I do miss our light and bright porch - I'm sure I won't miss it in the heat of summer though. 

The wrought iron porch furniture is all from my parent's old home. We scored the new couch cushions from Target. They're a little big but give the couch a much more "overstuffed" look, which we love. We also replaced our outdoor rug after the old one ended up with one too many stains from our former leaky roof.

The mornings are still a bit chilly making the throw blankets a nice addition to the back of the chairs. Of course, it doesn't hurt that they coordinate with the striped cushions as well. 

The cushions are a combination of Pottery Barn, Ikea and Target. 

We've moved the furniture around again - placing the grill in the center of the far railing instead of the corner. Truthfully, I'd like to get it off the porch entirely but it's nice to not have to go in the yard to grill.

Check out my "haint" blue ceiling! I feel so Southern now :)
But really, we love it. And hopefully it will keep the various critters from nest-making.

Metal roofing - Standing Seam Metal Roofing
Ceiling Color - Benjamin Moore, Palladian Blue
Couch cushions - Target
Area Rug - Target
Stripe Cushion - Ikea
Green Cushion - Pottery Barn, similar
Blue Ikat Cushion - Target
Blue Lumbar Arrow Cushion - Target
Outdoor Pouf - HomeGoods, similar
Stripe Blanket - HomeGoods, similar
White Garden Stool - Home Depot, similar

until next time,