Pole Lamp Transformation: Complete

Finally, the much awaited and anticipated Pole Lamp Transformation Reveal!

Here is the lamp before - just your standard brass lamp with empire shade.

And after - with a new white coat of paint on the base and cute yellow trim on the shade.

I have to say, that I am really enjoying the newly revamped lamp. It has a whole new life - and a lot more character!

Here she is in the Big Girl Room - in all her newly found glory. I love it!

And I hope you do too!

Pole Lamp Transformation: The Base

I knew I wanted to spray paint the Pole Lamp white, but I have to admit that I was nervous. I've never really used spray paint with good results before. That being said, every design show and blog that I have read or seen seems to sing the praises of spray paint. So, given this was a free lamp - I figured I would give it a try.

First things first, when it comes to painting (spray or otherwise) you have to prep! I cleaned the lamp with a damp towel and gave it a good drying. Then I taped off the electrical elements with painters tape. And of course, I used a drop cloth as well.

Once I had the prep done there was really nothing else to hold me back. I geared up for the first spray!

Here we go.

No going back now. Smooth even strokes, never holding the spray in one place - the first coat was done quicker that I would have imagined.

And it dried in less than an hour! The second coat filled any minor imperfections that were missed previously.

This stuff is great. And because this pictures does not give the finish justice - one more close up of the base detail.

I will never again doubt the wonders of spray paint. I have a feeling this is going to open up a whole new world of accessories for me. Very exciting!

I can't wait to put the lamp back together and into it's rightful spot in the Big Girl Room. Only one small problem:  I lost the shade finial in the yard! Humph.

Pole Lamp Transformation: The Shade

Once I started working on this project, I realized that it was going to warrant a bit more than two posts. Today, I will cover the shade. Tomorrow, the lamp base and Monday will be the big reveal and glamour shot. So get excited!

Here is the lamp shade before. I debated getting a new shade that might be a bit easier to work with, like a drum shade, but in the end this one was free so I decided to give it a go!

I started with the ribs, applying the fabric glue as suggested on the bottle. Some suggest using a brush to apply the glue for better coverage but I didn't have one so I just smudged it about a bit with the tip of the bottle.

Turning the edges of the ribbon over for a finished look, I applied the ribbon to the ribs.

Then the top.

Then the bottom.

As you can tell, my ribbon really wasn't wide enough to cover the existing edges, so I had to use a double layer. Fortunately, I like the look of the doubled ribbon - so it worked for me.

I think the ribbon gives the shade a much more expensive and custom look all for about $5. It will look great in the Big Girl Room, but could also work in other rooms depending on the trim selected.

What do you think?

Pole Lamp Transformation

You may remember my hand-me-down pole lamp ( post here ) intended for the Big Girl Room.

Well, the time has come for it's transformation.

I am thinking a little of this on the base

And a little of this (yellow ribbon) on the shade

Check back later in the week for progress and the big reveal!