Planning a Playroom

Making our playroom more entertaining, engaging and (quite frankly) attractive has been on my wish list since we first moved into this house. Not to mention on the goal list last year and again this year.

But until recently it has served other purposes. Originally it was Mr. DD's workout space. Then it became the temporary kitchen. After we moved back upstairs into the newly remodeled kitchen, the basement sat virtually untouched (perhaps too much time spent living down there).

I've finally decided that now is the time and here's why:
As our oldest is growing; so is her toy collection.
Winter is upon us; the hibernation is setting in and we need a place to go.
I need a space that can be torn upside down on a daily basis. As I am learning, that's half the fun!

The plans thus far include:

Selecting a suitable floor covering for the "cork" vinyl planking
Incorporating a craft space - i.e., table and chairs
Creating a chalkboard
Organizing all the craft supplies
Creating art display space
Creating kid friendly art

That should keep us busy for awhile...or at least this weekend.

Check me out on Pinterest for a sneak peek at some of my inspirational images. 

Until next time,