Pillow Talk

Happy Monday, everyone! Hope you had a great weekend. We enjoyed the last of our summer temps for awhile, soaking up lots of outdoor time, worked in the yard and even managed to fit in a little seasonal decorating. There may be a pumpkin involved. Spoiler Alert. You may never have guessed that. Come back later in the week to check it out. 

before - sad couch and pillows

In the meantime, last I left you I was conspiring to freshen our couch and throw cushion situation in our living room. After re-stuffing our well loved sofa (which you can check out here) I turned my attention to the cushions.

before - weirdly misshapen pillow

You may recall I found these ikat lovelies at Marshall's and promptly scooped them up. Love everything about them, except the lack of zipper enclosure.  Especially after the down insert started to shift within the pillow cover creating a less than pleasing overall shape. Off to the dry cleaner/seamstress they went to get their seams ripped and new zipper closures installed. Yeah for easy fixes. 

re-stuffed couch and updated throw cushions

Once I brought the updated pillows home, I couldn't wait to play around with new throw cushion combinations on our sofa, a la BHG article (check it out here). After all, there's nothing I like more than a little pillow talk. 

How fun is this?! Can you believe I actually own all of these pillows and have never used them all together? While I am loving how all the different colors, textures and patterns play off each other, there's a problem -- where to sit? Details, details. Except this is our primary TV viewing couch, so using it to actually sit on, and not just look at, is kind of important. 

Pair it down a little and I'm still liking the look. It's definitely less fussy and bonus, a little extra space to sit. But, it still seems busy to me and like it's missing something. 

Ah, well, maybe I had it right the first time…because now, I'm right back where I started. At least my couch and cushions look a whole lot better - so, I guess you could call it a win-win. 

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Mocking Me

The weather has been absolutely beautiful, HOT, but beautiful lately. As a result, the progress on any indoor projects has really been suffering.

But, I finally managed to carve out a spare hour to make a little progress in the master bedroom. Notice anything different?

Yup, it's that big beautiful yellow and white embroidered lumbar pillow. 

The truth is that I've had the fabric {from here} for several weeks now. Then the pillow form came in the mail about a week ago. They both sat in our dining room, mocking me in all my procrastination glory. 

So, I followed my own tutorial on envelope pillow covers and got to work. Of course, in my effort to keep things simple, I decided to have just one big pillow in a bold geometric to balance off the bird/floral theme, but now that it's done - I think it needs more. 

I'm going to live with this as is for awhile before I make any more decisions. {That's code for lazy.}

Speaking of procrastination, here's a wide shot of the other side of the room. Clearly, there's a reason why I haven't been sharing this side. I haven't done anything over here. Still need to paint the matching dresser and move the existing dresser to its new location. {Among other things.}

If you follow me on Facebook, you'll know I scored a couple new window panels from the Restoration Hardware Outlet last week. Officially, ending the one vs. two panel debate I had going on. Now, I just need to fashion something new and exciting out of my new panels. 

I'm sure that will be happening really soon. 

Hope you had a lovely weekend.

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I Did It!

And it wasn't even that hard. Thanks to the many tutorials out there and to my avid reader, MF, for passing down her sewing machine, I am now the proud owner of two handmade pillows. 

What I thought would be a project that overtook the entire weekend, was actually completed in under 2 hours. And those two hours also included the homecoming of Mr. DD who had been in Asia for business, the calming of a non-napping almost 5 month old, and an extended conversation with my almost 4 year old who also didn't want to have quiet time. Not to mention the endless Instagram and Facebook updates!

Like I said, there are a million and one envelope pillow tutorials out there. And seeing as this was my first time, I'm probably not the source to go to on this one. But, I'm so excited with how they turned out, that I'm still going to share how they came to be. 

So, here goes:
Once you have your pillow form and fabric selected, start by cutting your fabric to size.

Basically, you'll need the length of your pillow by the height of your pillow x 2 + 4 inches.

for my 22x22 pillow form, I needed 22in L by (22in H x 2+4=48), in other words 22L x 48H
for my 16x12 pillow form, I needed 16in L by (12in H x 2+4=28), in other words 16L x 28H

Hopefully that's not too confusing. 

After your fabric is cut to the correct size, iron to smooth out any wrinkles. Place the print side away from you, fold over a 1/4inch on the short side of the fabric and iron over. Repeat for the opposite side. These to-be seams will become the envelope closure.

Now the hard part (at least for me). Sit down to your machine and face your fears because it's really not that hard. It's just a matter of getting started. Take a deep breath and sew that first seam, keeping it nice and straight.

Phew, now that that's done you can finally exhale that deep breath because the project is already half done and you only had to sew two straight lines!

Next, turn your fabric right side up and fold the ends in, creating a 3.5 inch overlap in the center. 

At this point, you can choose to pin your fabric or don't - it's up to you. Of course, I did, because I am a scaredy cat and it was my first time. 

Then, it's back to the machine to sew the two long lengths of fabric, using a 1/2inch seam. Once it's done, turn right side out and iron again. 

Would you look at that. You just made a pillow form. I know, I am super impressed too!

Here's a shot of the envelope back, just in case you are wondering what they'll look like. Pretty, right? 
I'm still not entirely sure why my pink stripe pillow looks more rectangle than square, but whatever, at least I made them and they are done. Yeah. I feel so very accomplished!

I'm sure, if you are a real seamstress and read all the way through this tutorial you are probably rolling your eyes and thinking to yourself: Geez, girl! It's not rocket science. 
And now, I can confidently say: You're right, it's not. 

Next up, the bedding reveal. I know you are excited. Plus, I'm pretty sure you have a good idea of the direction I went! 

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They're here...new living room pillows!

I'm happy to share that another stage of the living room make-over is now complete. 
The new pillows are finally here!

Check them out!


Did you notice that one of the solid golden pillows is missing the banding - yeah, I didn't order enough. Oh well, more is on order and soon that pillow will be complete as well. 

And because everyone loves a little before and after...here's the before with the old pillows. 

I'm loving how light and bright the new pillows make the whole room feel.
What do you think - was it a good change?

A couple of close-ups to enjoy all the details.

In case you are wondering, just like my new window panels, I cut and pined the fabric and sent them to the dry cleaner to be sewn.

And here's the best shot I could get of the living room and breakfast room. The pillow on the couch coordinates with the new trim on the white cafe curtains in the breakfast room. And the striped pillows in the breakfast room coordinate with the window panel fabric in the living room.  This helps to make both rooms feel like one cohesive space. 

Next up, tackling that massive armoire. 
Wish me luck!

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The Plan for Pillows

The window panels are finished, hung and looking beautiful - if I do say so myself! 

So what's next, you want to know?

Tackling the easiest project first; I'm going for pillows!

Wanna take a peek at my fabrics?

I think I've run the gamut in terms of possible combinations. 
I have a solid, stripe, plaid, floral and scroll - plus a couple of trim options thrown in. 

If you're interested in learning more about my philosophy on mixing fabrics, check out my guest post over at Three Boys .

Stay tuned for the reveal. 
And the heavy work - tackling that rustic pine armoire!

Until next time,