Now you see it, now you don't

I had originally intended on sharing my patio today, but a couple of over-cast days and some craigslist inspiration changed my mind. So, I thought I'd share a bit more progress in the master bedroom. Remember the $23/pair Restoration Hardware Outlet window panels I picked up the other week? Well, I am finally starting to put them to good use. 

How bad is this picture? Just look at that vanity. Clearly, it's calling out for something to cover it up. {Not to mention a bit of counter top organization and some actual window treatments - but that's another post.}

This is how it has looked for the last ummm, I don't know, 2 years. Sure the stool is cute. And it kind of covers up some of the exposed pipework and the corner that we forgot to paint. But not sure it really covers the radiator, now does it?

So much better. 

Thank goodness you weren't there to see how it all came together. It was pretty pathetic, really. There may or may not have been a rod already in place that I couldn't figure out how to remove. So I may or may not have tried to hot glue the panels to it, which, for some reason did not work out. Not sure on that one. Seemed like such a good idea. 

Plan B. Use a tension rod. I turned the panel upside down, split the existing hem seam to create a pocket, slid the rod through and secured it into place. Then, to really drive home the quality job I was doing, I hot glued the bottom seam while the panel was in place. Yup, that's right, nothing but quality around here. Mr. DD was appalled. 

Speaking of Mr. DD, hope you've had a great weekend and Father's Day. We are heading to the races this afternoon. Check back later in the week for a peek at our day. 

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