Patio Bliss

Did you see the post by The Inspired Room, I shared on my Facebook page, discussing the 4 zones of a well planned backyard?
Brilliance in its simplicity. And, it got me thinking about our back patio. 

Which, of course, led me to Pinterest, where I couldn't help but pin loads of inspirational pics of patios. Tons of ideas for what our little patio will hopefully, one day, grow up to be. 

I love a covered dining space. Something about dining under a leafy canopy just feels so vacation-y to me. And who wouldn't love their home patio to feel like taking a vacation everyday?

A lounge area is a must. I'd love a sofa, with throw cushions. Somewhere to put my feet up and get comfy. This vintage furniture grouping looks so inviting, I could definitely stay awhile here.

I'd also love to incorporate more bright, fun and eclectic style to our outdoor space. Easily enough with garden stools, cushions, rugs and accessories. 

I'll share our patio next week and hopefully you'll be able to see bits and pieces from these inspirational pics throughout our space. 

Have a great weekend.

until next time,

All Hail Queen Kimberly

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you might have noticed I picked up a couple of my favorite ferns from our local grocery yesterday. Actually, saying 'favorite' might be a bit of an understatement. I simply love these ladies. 

I know, technically, that the name of this lovely lady is the Kimberly Queen fern, but Queen Kimbelry just worked so much better in the title. Artistic freedom and all that.

No matter how you slice it, it's easy to see why she would have such a royal title - she's so regal, almost majestic. 

There are so many reasons that I love these ferns:
they do well in shade,
are extremely low maintenance,
barely shed at all,
and they get huge.

Quite the statement maker, really. And for $12.99 you just can't beat it. In fact, these were less expensive than the smaller versions I found at Home Depot last year. Seriously, these might be bigger than mine were at the end of the growing season last summer. Too good to pass up.

So good they definitely deserved their own post.

Besides, who doesn't need a beautifully flanked garage door. It's clearly the royal entrance. 

Enjoy your holiday weekend. We'll be spending ours outside, visiting with my parents and celebrating my birthday. 

until next time,