Creative Card Display

Every year I'm searching for fun and creative ways to display the incoming Christmas cards. After all, our friends are putting time and effort, not to mention the expense, into sending us cards so the least we can do is display them nicely.

As per usual, there's lots of great inspiration on Pinterest. Like this twiggy tree filled with card ornaments.

Or this ridiculously cute wreath made from Christmas cards.

Or even something as simple as arranging your cards in the shape of a tree.

I tried something new this year as well. 
I'm sure you've seen the trend of wallpapering or painting the back of your built-ins, right? Well, how about wallpapering them with your Holiday cards?

These are the built-ins in our breakfast room. 
I simply created a collage of sorts with Christmas cards and sticky-tac. 

A simple and fun way to display our incoming cards that allows us to enjoy them throughout the holiday season. 

I finally put our cards in the mail tonight - better late than never, right? 

How are you organizing your cards this year?

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Inspiration Organization Comes to Life

I've been on an organizational kick lately. It all started with my inspiration post on vanity storage last week. Next thing you know, I'm re-organizing the kids toys in the built-ins in the breakfast room, then came the beer fridge in the basement {doesn't everyone have one of these?}, the garage and finally I tackled the disaster area - also known as my vanity. 

Check it out. I made myself a fabric covered, jewelry display, cork board. Oh yes, I did. And it was super easy. 

I had the cork board from my Mom Cave, which incidentally has been taken over as a storage area, sadly. { Don't even get me started on that one.}

For the frame:
I primed it, spray painted it 'brass', then applied an antiquing gold leaf craft paint. The left over fabric {from my bed pillow project}, was attached with my staple gun. Then I added the fun nailhead trim to cover the staples. 

I ordered the nailhead trim forever and a day ago. It's the kind that comes as a long rope and every 5th nail is actually nailed it. Seriously cuts back on the time and effort - great 'get the look quick' kind of thing. Not for everyone, obviously.

As for the rest of the vanity area, I choose an acrylic make-up organizer and hid it inside the woven bread basket. Both came from Target. I wasn't loving the acrylic so this works great to hide it, but still keep everything organized. 

And the bowls, I could go on and on. Love them. The peacock bowl came from HomeGoods, while the coral and green bowls both came from Anthropologie. Admitedly, not my normal stomping ground because the prices can be a bit out of my league, but I decided to make an exception for these bowls. I'd been eyeing them online for so long - I just couldn't hold out any longer. And honestly, the coral bowl just makes me smile every time I see it. 

I've got another jewelry organization project coming up, then I'm afraid it's on to the more serious projects like: tackling the window treatments, painting that other dresser, and sourcing some fun lighting. Mr. DD and I both decided we are sick of living in this semi-finished space, so I guess I better make it happen. 

Hope you had a great weekend. 

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