Bonus Room Bath Plans

If you read my last post, you already know we've started in on another mini-makeover on the bathroom in our bonus room. What can I say, once we started updating all our builder-grade baths we just couldn't stop! 

Take a good look, be jealous. She's a really beauty - am I right? Big old mirror, make-up lighting, tile counter and backsplash...the list goes in. 

Other than a paint job when we moved in, she's been fairly neglected. Well, not anymore. 

P.S. taking pictures of windows is still not my strong suit!

We had initially thought this would be a simple "weekend warrior" project, but soon found out it wasn't. Famous last DIY words...

The mirror came off, no problem. The tile backsplash, not so much. Good thing someone here knows a thing or two about drywall. Hint: it's not me.

We'll also be planning a nice big backsplash with the new counter to cover any minor blemishes :)

Here's the plan, so far....although I have been known to change a thing or two along the way. Um, hello, girl's bath?!?!

Most of our mediocre budget will be headed to a new counter top and faucet, we'll be using a lot of existing stuff (think towel bars/vanity/repurposed furniture and accessories) but I'm confident we'll be able to achieve the look we're after.

And, most importantly, I'll finally have a permanent home for the millions of black and whites we've framed from our time overseas! You'll just have to use the bathroom to see them. Details, details.

Speaking of's a little peek into our progress. The black floral mirror was a London flea market find and we inherited the old windsor chair from the previous owners of our Chicago house. 

In case you're curious, my forearm, hand and nails took 4 days to recover from the spray painting session! Obviously, it was worth it ...

More to come.

Porch Inspiration

Pollen season is almost over and our new metal roof should be installed next week, which means it's almost time to officially open our back porch. Last year we were very fortunate to receive a  slew of wrought iron furniture from my parents - this year, I can't wait to style the whole porch with all our new additions. 

Not that this should be a surprise to anyone, but we're focusing on a blue, green, black and white color pallet with natural accents and loads of plants. We'll be incorporating some of the items from last year as well, although some did need to be replaced due to our leaking roof. Think new rug, cushions and pillows! I can't wait to share all the details with you sometime next week. In the meantime my fingers will be twitching in anticipation of all the styling coming my way. 

until next time, 

Home Workspace Moodboard

I promised a moodboard for my new home workspace and here it is. I have my work cut out for me. 

Let's break it down shall we? 

1. A simple white desk with metallic accents - no surprises there. I've been talking about that for weeks now. 

2. Additional storage in the form of free standing shelving and baskets. Lots of room for interpretation here, and accessorizing. 

3. Now, let's talk about that chair. It's amazing. I wish I could afford it and I know that every. single. chair. I look at from here on out will pale in comparison. I'm ok with that because it will push me to think outside of the box and not settle on a boring, basic desk chair. 

4. Blue, Coral, White and Gold - a classic and timeless color scheme that I'll also be incorporating into the rest of the guest room. 

Time to start hunting. 

until next time,

Foyer Contrasts {Client Work}

I recently had the pleasure of helping a sweet family of 5, the Hendrix, transition homes here in Charlotte. We were tasked with paint and lighting selections, furniture layout and tackling their biggest sticking point, the stone accent wall in the foyer. The wall isn't coming down anytime soon, so how do we work with it…

Contrast is the name of the game. To counteract the rugged, natural wall we upped the femininity and glamour to provide balance. A simple curvy, ladylike demilune table beneath an antiqued mirror flanked by a pair of super useful slipcovered chairs provide the basis. A couple of throw pillows in her existing neutral and blue scheme, and an orchid (my favorite!) for the finishing touch. 

Here's what our clients had to say about the whole experience:

After four months of diligently searching, my husband and I finally found THE house for our family of five. We were (are) elated! Elated AND a bit overwhelmed with multiple cosmetic changes of the home - changes and updates that needed to be tackled
sooner versus later (read: procrastinated out of fear of messing up). These seemingly separate projects needed to be tied together and planned out by a trusted professional...I have learned in the past that mistakes actually cost me more than asking for help and investing in expertise.Well, mistakes and struggle be gone---
In steps Brass Pineapple Interiors and Liz Flinn, out steps my feelings of being insanely overwhelmed with interior and exterior paint colors, furniture placement and over-all flow of our new home.  Can you hear the exhale and relaxation in my words? 
Let me just say that working with Brass Pineapple Interiors resulted in a seamless, organized, stress-free, beautifully designed project.  The personal attention and focus on detail cannot be replicated by another designer.  We are beyond pleased and will absolutely be working with Liz and Brass Pineapple Interiors again! 


We feel so lucky to be helping others while we do what we love. And, of course, we'd love to help you, too - contact us to get started. Now taking reservations for May.

Our girls have Spring break next week, so we'll be taking time away from the computer, to spend quality family time. See you next Monday. 

until next time, 

A Hot {Pink} Bedroom

Zoinks, it's been a crazy week, y'all. But, we did it - we moved in over the weekend. It's so nice to be surrounded by our things yet again, despite the ongoing construction. And, as an added bonus my Mom came to stay - together we are whipping this house into shape. Or at least getting the boxes under control!
So, when the whole house is your oyster and you need a place to focus first - where do you start? 
Kid's bedroom, of course.

The hot pink bedroom.

Perhaps you remember I may have mentioned that Tessa really, really, really wanted a hot pink bedroom. So, I made it my personal mission to come up with a plan to incorporate pink without the whole room becoming some big bubblegum encrusted monstrosity.

Impatient petal, SW

To start: I chose a very subtle shade of pink for the walls. After that, Tessa didn't really have much to say. I mean, she asked for a pink room and I gave her one. 
Best. Mom. Ever.

This is where the true work comes in. Finding something as strong as the pink to balance out the room. Something to see, other than just pink. That's when the Land of Nod, came to the rescue with this cute royal blue floral sham. Blue, yellow, green, baby pink and the beloved hot pink. Amazing. Every color we wanted, plus some we hadn't even thought of to coordinate with her existing sheeting, etc. Could it get any better? I don't think so.
That is until I discovered how cute it looked layered with the oversized hot pink gingham euro sham. 
Yes, more pink. I am good.

There may or may not be a matching duvet to the hot pink sham, depending how generous I am feeling as the room starts to come together. Also, I should mention this will all be tempered by her existing white quilts. It's all about balance, you know?
Other plans include some fun spray painted beds and a new bookshelf. And, of course, making the rest of her existing furniture work in her new room. Stay tuned to watch it all unfold!

Any other hot pink bedrooms out there? 

until next time,