Mom Cave Revisited

Remember when Mom Cave's where all the rage? Way back in 2010. Ours was one of my first big projects on the blog (check it out here). I even got a local TV spot feature. Pretty big stuff for this small time blogger.

Well, that was then. 
{Warning the next pictures could be the most unattractive and true to life that I have posted thus far - consider yourself officially warned.}

And, this is now. 
In truth, I never really used as much as I thought it would. I never blogged from the "desk" area. 
It became nothing more than a dumping ground for stuff. Sad, but true. 
Even as a dumping ground, it was getting out of control. Totally unorganized. Inefficient use of space. 
Bad, bad, bad. 

So, when my SIL, Linda, mentioned she was thinking of starting her own personal organization business and wanted to "test drive" her services, I was quick to offer this space for a trial run. I know, I am SO nice. And supportive. Clearly, doing this just to help her out. Not taking advantage at all :)

Check out everything that was removed from the space. Piles for garbage, recycling and donating. Linda was ruthless, in a good way. In a way that its often hard to be with your own things. 
I am eternally grateful. You are about to see why.

Newly organized shelves.

Newly cleared counters.

Newly organized cabinets - flower pots, vases, baskets, etc.

Decorative accessories and candles.

And my new favorite, the party cabinet. 

So, while this space may never be my dream Mom cave or blogging space, it's now a highly organized storage, staging, and wrapping station. 

Life. Reorganized. has transformed this space. Linda is truly a talent when it comes to organization. I know she will have a ton of success as a personal organizer and I am more than happy to provide space in my own home to let her practice. Again, so generous of me :)

If you live locally and would be interested in a free consultation from Life. Reorganized., please contact Linda via email by clicking here
Do it now before her time is booked up. Seriously, she is that good!

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My TV Debut

Talk about surreal...

It all started about a week ago with an innocent email in my Designing Domesticity inbox. A producer from a local TV station was gathering information on Mom Caves within the Chicago area. A couple of days later we had a little chat over the phone regarding the segment they were putting together and the possibility of featuring my Mom Cave.

Original Mom Cave

Of course, I was immediately excited, but wasn't really sure if it would go anywhere... so I put it on the back burner and moved on.

Fast forward to Monday of this week when my phone rang during lunch - it was the producer and she asked to come to my home to film me and my Mom Cave on Tuesday!

Excitement overload - of course she can come, anytime, I squealled!

Two minutes later, I hung up the phone and the panic set in. My Christmas decorations are everywhere; my Mom Cave is over run with presents in various stages of organization and wrapping; we've just moved the furniture from the porch inside; essentially the house is in transition mode! Plus, I was scheduled to make my pinecone berry tree during nap time on Monday and Mr. Designing Domesticity was out for the night.

Obviously, I had no other option than to put my head down and get my work done - I wasn't even daunted by the power being out for 4 hours (can only wish I was kidding about that part)!

Mom Cave Tuesday

As it turns out, the filming was totally low key, the producer was lovely and it was all over before I even knew it. Here are a couple of shots of the goings on...

Even Tessa got in on the act...

Photos courtesy of Mr. Designing Domesticity

If you are in the Chicago area, the segment will be airing on the U around 8.12 AM on Thursday December 9th. Tune know I will be!

Update: click here to view my Mom Cave on TV!