Book Inspired Library Centerpiece

Part of working on our new library/playroom has been adding to our book selection. I know, I know...
trials and tribulations; 
life is rough; 
any excuse, right?
Anyway, any self respecting interior design blogger needs to have books that represent her passions, so I've been sprucing up my design book collection. One of my first purchases was Miss Mustard Seed's (Marion Parsons), Inspired You book. 

Her book, much like her blog, is full of positive energy, beautiful photography and easy to follow tutorials. 
The reason I am writing all of this? 
Because one chapter and photograph in particular really hit home with me and inspired our new library table centerpiece. 

It seems like such a simple idea. 
But, could I really just leave crayons, paper and coloring books out on the table? Could I handle it? 
And most importantly, would it actually encourage our little ones to do more coloring? Or would it be just another pile of well organized toys that get overlooked everytime the dreaded, "I'm bored" statement leaves their mouths?

Well, as it turns out...I can handle it. 
And, I actually find it kind of sweet. And, hold on to your horses, it's actually lead to hours upon hours of coloring. 

I've used a simple tray and two wooden bowls to organize our crayons, into what T calls the pretty and not pretty colors. A stack of computer paper, a book of construction paper and a couple coloring books round out the "vignette". 

I'm so thrilled that our plan to change this room from the breakfast room into the library/1st floor playroom is working out for all of us. 
Also, I just had to leave you with a view of our homespun Valentine's decor ... afterall, who doesn't like a couple gigantic hearts hanging from a chandelier?

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Taking the Breakfast out of the Breakfast Room

I spent the weekend trying to take the breakfast out of our breakfast room, if you know what I mean. 

Out went the roosters, bowls, pitchers, and other miscellaneous kitchen paraphernalia. And in came the books...books, books, and more books. 

In fact, I wish I had more books to add. But, a collection is a good thing. And mine is one to add to. 
Anyway, it's a good excuse to update my decor books. 

I've also added a pair of green urns, as well as some framed art to fill the negative space. 

Blogging isn't a full time job for me, but mommy-hood is, so I share our new library workspace with the girls and their toys. 

Top half for Mommy, bottom half for the kids. 
And, much more library than breakfast room...wouldn't you say?

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{Former} Breakfast Room Plans and Inspiration

Now that we've transitioned our main dining space from the breakfast room to the dining room, it's time to repurpose the former breakfast room. If you recall, this was our original inspiration picture for the breakfast room. So, what's the new plan?

We're hoping to take it from this to...

Breakfast room turn library/office/playroom. 

All the main elements are in place, like the bookshelves, table, and chairs. I don't really anticipate changing them at the moment, although I would like more comfortable chairs in the future. 

Step one: take the breakfast decor out of the shelves in an attempt to give it a more library-esque feel. 

Sounds easy enough, right?

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