Reader Renovation: Living Room Rearrangement

While I continue to work in the guest room, I thought I'd change directions for a bit and share another installment of my new series, Reader Renovations

We're back at my sister-in-law's house, this time working in the living room. Taking a look at this room, you'd probably think it looks great and doesn't need much work. I'd say the same thing, but its not my opinion that matters.

My sister-in-law has never been thrilled with the layout and struggles placing her accessories. Fortunately, she has great taste - so there is plenty to work with here.

One of the biggest obstacles is this little alcove behind the sofa. It's almost like wasted space with this layout. In a room that isn't overly large, using all the space available is key.

This is the view from the front hall. The side of the couch isn't exactly welcoming. 
Time for a new layout.

First things first, we switched the couch to the long wall. Truth be told, she had tried this layout previously, but again, that little alcove across the room made achieving a cozy feel difficult. Everything just seemed too far apart - not exactly conversation friendly.

To solve this issue, we placed her pre-existing round occasional table in the alcove and her chairs flanking the table, but more toward the center of the room. 

One of the biggest mistakes people make is putting their furniture against the wall. Move it away from the wall and you immediately form a cozier space.

One either side of the fireplace we created vignettes with a bit of height to balance the mantel. The bench was repurposed from their bedroom. The artwork was hung just below eye level to add that layered look.

Always hang your artwork at eye level, give or take a bit, of course. It's another common mistake I see time and time again. 

We moved her bombe chest to a previously empty wall and accessorized with family photos.

The butlers tray/bar found a new home in an empty alcove next to the fireplace. We accessorized her coffee table simply with vintage cigar boxes, a tray and candle. 

Like I said, she made it easy on me by having great stuff. It just needed a little tweaking. Thanks, Linda, for letting me play in your living room.

until next time,