Working with the Layout

We're making progress at the house. Slowly, but surely. With less than a month until our move-in date, it's time to start making some real decisions. We came face to face with this reality when the electrician came early this week and we had to decide where to put the dreaded TV. 
I mean, honestly, don't you feel like it's always ALL about the TV?

please excuse this poor, crumply picture of our layout. Clearly, I'm no AutoCAD expert.

Here's what we are dealing with, a fairly traditional floor plan. The living room/den combo poses new challenges for me. Two rooms, where I've previously had one. Great, right? 
Tradition says the living room should be the quiet, formal space for entertaining. Well, you know I love to entertain, but the idea of dedicating a whole room to formal entertaining just doesn't sit right with me. 
I want a house that I can use. Like really use. Every square inch. 

The den has its own issues. Cozy: yes. Charming: certainly. Wall space: not so much. A big fireplace flanked by windows, another wall of mostly windows and a third wall of built -ins. The only available space is above the fireplace. 
Now, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, so don't go mental over this one, but I just don't like it. There I said it. Probably best to not even get started as to why, but I'll just say two things: comfort (how does your neck handle it?) and focal point (ruined, just my opinion). 
Still friends?
Again, this is a very rough sketch of a floor plan that really highlights my superior computer skills!

That brings us back to the living room. Or as I will be calling it from now on, the TV room. Oh, I can just hear my Mom sighing as I type this. A TV in your front room, Elizabeth, really? Yes, really.  It is happening. 
At least that's the plan. I'm thinking I can tuck it on the entry wall, so it's not all 'smack in your face' when you walk in. All I need now are two little club chairs, maybe like these, to add to my coral couch and green wing chair. Yes, yes, I can see it all happening now. Happy days!
I see the den more as a quiet, family space. Super comfy furniture, roaring fire, cuddled up with a good book, family game night (ha! like that ever happens. But, a mom can always dream, right?)
I mean, sure, if the rooms were flip-flopped that would be ideal, but they aren't. So, we are breaking with tradition and making this layout work for us. Beside, we always have the playroom and I am sure the kids and all their stuff will just stay in there, right? 

Please, share your thoughts - the layout, TV over the fireplace, etc - I want to hear it all. 

until next time,