Progress Report: Kitchen Garden Foundation {DONE!}

Y'all, it was a crazy weekend around here. With our schedule starting to stack up…like busy weekends from now until June, we knew we had to complete the foundation of the kitchen garden this weekend. It was a tough one, but we did it!

Breaking protocol and going right into the after shot here. What can I say, we are super proud that we were able to visualize, design, and ultimately complete our dream kitchen garden. 
Before I get too ahead of myself, I'll go back to where we left off. 

We finished off the stack stone wall. You can read more about that here. And quickly realized that we needed more dirt to backfill against the wall. Back to HomeDepot to order another cubic yard of top soil. While I was there, I ordered 300 bricks to create the bordered paths from our inspiration images and picked up the stomper tool. Yup, not sure what that's technically called. 

Saturday morning proved to be rainy, but mild so while the girls played in the garage we pressed on by laying out the paths with landscape fabric, outlining them, rolling the fabric back, digging down, leveling, and stomping the pathways.

Between rain burst, the girls came out to help. They managed the fabric pining process and oversaw the brick placement for outlining the paths. 

Ultimately, we settled on 2 crossing - 3 foot wide paths and 1 - 1.5 foot horizontal path all meeting on a center circle. I had initially been pushing for a union jack style layout but it didn't really fit the space. We decided that if some of the gardens were a little too big to access from the pathways, we will use stepping stones. 

The next morning, we were at it again - starting in by hauling all the crush & run into the pathways. The crush & run not only helps to hold the fabric in place, but acts as a solid foundation for the crushed stone that will cover the paths. 
I should also mention that we used the stomper to flatten the crush & run before adding the final layer of crushed stone.

Hauling in the crushed stone and leveling it with a flat rake filled out the remainder of Sunday. Leaving us with only a short window to enjoy a well deserved, cold beverage. But, man, did that drink taste good!

Of course, the designer in me got a second wind which led to finding some of our long-stored garden accessories in the garage and playing around with them in the garden. Originally, we were leaning toward a large urn in the center of the garden, but John suggested moving the table there and we kind of like it. 
Cocktails in the garden, anyone?

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