15 Minutes

Who remembers our hallway of doors and the newly created mudroom (here)? A great, super functional space that has transformed the way our family enters and leaves the house. But, it also highlighted one big ol' eyesore. That sad little scene happening in the only bit of floor/wall space available.

Well, not anymore, y'all. 
I took advantage of a spare couple minutes on this beautiful Super Bowl Sunday afternoon, grabbed a craft brush and left over liquid leaf from the recent antler gilding project (here) and got to work.
With the girls enjoying a little trampoline (or jumpoline, as Eloise calls it) time I had 15 minutes to myself - and that's all it took to transform an old, boring mirror. 

I'm loving how the gold makes the mirror literally pop off the wall. No more boring, bland backhall for this girl. It's a small change, but one that makes me smile each and every time we come and go. And isn't that what it's all about, really? Creating small moments of happiness within your home. 

Yeah, yeah, yeah. The fresh cut purple tulips do help a bit. I'm lucky to have a hubby that likes to bring flowers home with the weekend shop. Thanks, John! After they've reached their peak, I'll probably replace them with a lowlight houseplant from Home Depot (well worth the $5 investment for months of enjoyment). I'm a big believer in adding living greenery to entryways.

Hope you had a great weekend and managed to carve 15 minutes out for yourself, too.

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