Keepin' the Critters Out

Enough about the indoor remodel for the time being, let's check out what happened outside over the weekend!

Last we left you, Mr. DD had built some lovely raised bed gardens. 
We knew we wanted to do something to keep the critters out, but we weren't sure what.
I'm not crazy about the fencing attached to the boxes themselves, so I suggested a fence surrounding the garden. 
It took some persuading, but in the end Mr. DD was on board.

He started by driving 4 posts into the ground.

Then he attached 2x4's along the bottom and top to create the supports.

Of course, our little helper was keeping all the measurements nice and precise!
Then we ran chicken wire along the inside of the fence, attaching it with the handy staple gun.

Next up came the door.
And more chicken wire.

Until we were all fenced in!
Of course, we had to add some decorative caps to our posts as well.

I may very well have delusions of grandeur with this fence - taking up a lot of space in an already small backyard - but I think it's adding a bit of interest to what has quickly become a barren space.

What do you think?
Too much or just enough?

Future plans include gravel paths between the beds.
And planting; the lettuces are going in this weekend, a bit late, but better than never.

Until next time,