Knock Out

I love days like this. They start off slow with coffee and breakfast on the patio, followed by a lovely walk and then an afternoon working in the garden. It could be the perfect Summer day, at least for me. Not sure Mr. DD feels the same way, or our new 4 year old, for that matter.

But, after a productive day, I am happy to report that our garage garden is finally done. Last I left you {click here and here for previous posts}, we just needed to finish off the window box and lay some mulch. But, of course, you know what they say about the best laid plans...

After some fairly gentle persuasion from my parents, we decided to replace our blueberry bushes with knock out roses. Growing up, my Mom kept a beautiful rose garden in her yard. So I know how much work is associated with these flowers, but they assured me that the knock out variety is as low maintenance as they come. So here we are with two new rose bushes. I definitely never thought I'd have roses in my garden. 

I must admit that they really are lovely. Beautiful color and the scent, don't even get me started on the scent. Love. 

We switched out the other blueberry bush with one little limelight hydrangea. You can see it just peaking out between my gigantic hostas. Yikes, those guys are big. 

Remember what is used to look like - what an eye sore. I'm so happy to see it growing and thriving. But mostly, I'm just happy that we have one less naked dirt patch to look at! 

We, also, worked on another little section of the garden this weekend. The new home of the blueberry bushes as well as the hostas we originally removed from this garden. I'll be back with details later in the week, hopefully. 

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Eye Sore No More {Phase 2}

Last I left you, we had completed the new peat gravel patio creating a nice focal point for our garage garden. Termed phase 1, we moved on to phase 2 this past weekend. 

Time to get our plant on. 
Now, it's pretty early in the season, so we're sticking with just the hardy perennial plants for the time being. When the weather stays consistently warmer we'll move on to some blooming annuals. 

It's kind of hard to see what we have going on here because a lot of the plants need to fill in.  But you can get the idea, at least, I hope. All of the hostas were pre-existing as were the blueberry bushes. The large aborvitea was transplanted from another area in the garden.

 Of course, we needed additional plants to fill in the space. Off to Home Depot we went. We're lucky to have a flagship garden center in our area - they have every thing, at excellent prices. 

I like to have one feature plant per bed, like in our lilac garden. In this garden I wanted to feature hydrangea. Last year we purchased 4 pink annabelle hydrangea, which we incorporated. This year, I picked up 3 pink endless summer hydrangea. Yeah, for features! And hydrangea, which are some of my favorites.

Incidentally, I originally wanted blue hydrangea, but the color combo with the purple sand cherry shrub just didn't work. Throw in the red blooming Japanese silver grass and our scheme was moving more toward pink and red than blue and red. 

Oh well, you win some, you loose some. I guess I could of fought harder for the white blooming dogwood over the cherry shrub, but when that pivotal moment came and our pre-schooler requested an ill-timed potty break, I called over my shoulder - " I don't care, you pick"... I'm sure you can guess what ended up in the cart.

Now, all we can do is wait for everything to take off. 
Bloom, baby, bloom. 

Phase 3 will bring with it some blooming annuals, a fully planted window box, plus mulch. 

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Eye Sore No More {Phase 1}

This Easter weekend, we took advantage of the mild weather in the Chicagoland area by getting on with a project we "started" last summer. Check it out. It leaves me with only one thing to say: what took so long?

All last summer, this lovingly termed 'garage garden' looked like this. If you recall, we removed some large arborvitae to allow for more sun on our raised bed, kitchen garden. Then we had the window and door replaced in the garage.  

Pretty much an eye sore, wouldn't you say? We had a lot of ideas, but not much progress. First things first, we knew we wanted the window to have more of a presence and decided we could make it a focal point of the garage garden. 

Enter a set of shutters and a window box. Now, the window certainly has much more presence. Both came from Home Depot and took less than 30 minutes to install. Again, all I can say is: why did we wait this long?

Next up, a little sweat equity. Removing some of the hundreds of hostas that border the entire garden. And adding 2 tons of soil. Back breaking work, or so Mr. DD tells me. Hey, I moved the hostas. That has to count for something, right?

Then we added the peat gravel patio. {Tutorial coming up later this week. } Long term goal is to find an interesting statue or piece of art to place on the patio, but in the interim, we added this table that we've had taking up space in the garage. Conveniently, it just fits.

A job well done deserves a celebratory cold one! Pretty excited to be one step closer to eliminating the eye sore for good. 

How did you spend your Easter weekend?

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