Office Relo

Can I just tell you that I am writing this post from a hotel room in Beckley, WV. Neither our weekend destination, nor our home, but our layover for the night. Stuck in a winter storm, again! Why do I insist on traveling North in the winter - it just doesn't work. 3 for 3 in layovers/delays…

Anywho, thankfully, I snapped these pics of the office relo/makeover before we left. So, as you probably know by now, we had a little alcove switcheroo in our bonus room - swapping the office for a former toy storage space.  I, honestly, wasn't sure how this would work out, but it's exceeded my very low expectations. Check it out.

As my decorating business continues to grow, John has attempted to convince me to take over our home office space - as it was before, not a chance. But, now, I am really digging this small and cozy corner of the bonus room. It might just happen. Maybe. 
 I guess this is proof that any old corner of your home could be converted into a completely functional office space. 

But, until any decisions are finalized, we've styled this space as an ode to John. Especially that faux fur, it's so John.  Ok, maybe not, but it does go a long way to making an old chair a lot more comfortable.

Tomorrow we're back on the road and I'll be back later in the week (maybe blogging from this little nook, maybe not). Hope to see you then. 

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The Power of Suggestion

So, you know how I've eluded to seeking help from a professional regarding the exterior changes we are planning to the house? Well, let me just come on out and tell you, we are working with an architect. And while we've contracted her for her architectural expertise, she's done more than just inspire exterior changes around here. Here's the story…

living space - before

Picture us, just two ladies in the design services industry (wink) chatting and touring the house, when we enter the family/play room and I mention, in a semi-disheartened tone, that our girls never really play in the space. 
She responds with, "well, you didn't really decorate it". 
What? Talk about stopping me in my tracks. Me, not decorate a space? I didn't think it was possible.

media space - before

But, looking at these pictures, I can see that she was right. This is the kid's space and I never really put any effort into it. Everything was shoved to the sides to maximize floor space, things thrown together - I didn't want to spend time in there, and neither did the kids. 

living space - after

You know I had to change that up, straight away, starting with a furniture shift. By floating the couch in the middle of the room and backing it with the table, the room became divided - making it feel cozy and functional at the same time. 
Remember my black and white dining room rug? Yup, out of the attic and back in action. Nothing cozies up a space like a rug.

The TV shifted across the room to really define the new media space. Bonus, now we can do pizza nights at the table while watching a movie. One of my favorite family activities. 

This is a hardworking space, with an additional play area and office area - both of which received a little attention as well. More on that later. For now, we are loving the changes and have actually been using it more! Thank goodness for the power of suggestion and good space planning.

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An Afternoon Like Any Other

It was an afternoon like any other. I was helping Tessa in the kitchen with her homework. Eloise disappeared to the family room. I didn't think much of it, at first, this was all very normal. But after awhile, I noticed it was really quiet upstairs. 
Too quiet. Eerily quiet.
Someone was up to no good. 
She greeted me at the top of the stairs and said with a certain twinkle in her eye: "I'm not doing anything". 
That's when I knew she was definitely doing something…

Someone had found the decals. 
Fortunately, she takes after her Mommy and had the good sense to only add the gold polka dot decals to the back wall of the family room. Of course, they were all on top of each other in a 10 inch space about 2 feet from the floor. Not exactly the pattern I had in mind. But, I can appreciate a creative spirit. At least that is what I kept telling myself…she was so proud and genuinely thought she had truly helped. 

Here in lies the beauty of the decal. They were super easy to remove, kept their cling factor and didn't object to my relocation.
No harm, no foul. 

Side note: I used both 2 inch and 3 inch decals, from Amazon. 
(not an affiliate link)

Side note 2: yes, that is our old breakfast room table paired with the milk paint cedar chest from our old foyer. Together they create a well loved crafting zone in our new family room.

Truth is, I've had the idea of using gold dot decals stored in the back of my mind since this Summer. In fact, they are why I choose such a neutral color, BM Novemeber Rain, for the family room. 
But, I was nervous they would be hard to work with, look cheap, tear, not stick or a million other things that kept me from moving forward. Now, I'm so happy we finally added them to this cheerful, creative space. 
Hope you had a great weekend!

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An East Coast Inspired Family Room {Client Work}

The story behind this project is just too funny to not share. Ok, maybe it's just funny to me because lately it seems to be the story of my life. Hopefully, you'll see what I mean. 

We recently had some new neighbors move into the 'hood. We got the kids together for a little get-to-know you playdate, which included the standard get-to-know you stuff: what do you do, tour the house, etc. You know what I mean, right?

As the kids are running around playing, we get to chatting about her family room and how she just moved from a much smaller home and needed some inspiration to get their family room started. Of course, I offered my services. Who wouldn't?

So without a lot of direction (I know she loves the East Coast and that she likes blue and wants to reuse the leather chair and striped couch in her family room) I came up with this mood board. I'm calling it an East Coast inspired family room. Feels slightly preppy and beachy and even a bit shabby, if you will. Like a coastal holiday at a well loved family cottage by the sea. 
What, too much of a stretch for you?

I've been itching to use this classic awning stripe dhurrie rug somewhere and I think their family room is the perfect opportunity. It's traditional, but youthful and certainly sets the tone for the rest of the room. 

Fortunately, for Emily and me, she wants to slip cover her existing sofa and incorporate her husbands favorite leather chair. White slipcovers may seem scary with little kids around, but they are the easiest to clean, I promise. To round out the seating, I am completely loving these blue paisley club chairs from Ballard's. As well as the backless bench as occasional seating in front of the patio doors. 

Because the room is fairly angular, I'd recommend breaking up all the hard lines with circular tables. I'm loving the weathered wood look of this table. Classic and a bit of wear and tear will only enhance it.

To keep the room from feeling too predictably monochromatic, I recommend adding a couple pops of green. The blue and green floral pillow from Pottery Barn provides the perfect jumping off point to incorporate the avocado toned throw.

So, there you have it - my interpretation of an East Coast inspired family room. Thanks, Emily, for allowing me to throw a bit of inspiration your way!

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floral pillow: Pottery Barn
navy lattice pillow: Etsy, no longer available, similar
green lamp: Overstock
blue chairs: Ballard Designs
circular accent table: Ballard Designs
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throw: World Market
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Fireplace Makeover Reveal

Happy Easter! I know this is technically a day of rest, but I am just too excited to share our fireplace makeover reveal. Can you blame me, really? This is three years in the making, people. Three years of this awful eye sore, finally covered. I am a happy girl.

In the end, we opted for simple boards to cover the gap between the wood paneling and the brick of the chimney breast and topped it off with a simple box style mantel. Then we primed and painted the whole thing. Amazing what a coat of paint can do, right? It's like night and day. 
Please disregard the boiler exhaust pipe in the upper left corner. We have plans to prime and paint it, but it hasn't happened quite yet. Baby steps. 

Of course, I had to do a little staging. This is me, after all. 
The mirror has been patiently waiting to adorn the new mantel ever since it got the boot from the front hall. Mirrors are a great way to bounce a little light around a dark corner. Just the trick for the lower level.

Our faux topiaries also found a new home on the mantel. It's always nice to have a little green on the mantel - in one form or another.

I know everyone loves a good before and after, so here it is. Our lower level fireplace surround prior to the makeover. Zoinks, that's bad. 

After. Further staged with a couple bits and our personalized walking sticks from our trip to the Swag a couple of years ago. 
Ah, sweet relief to have this project checked off the proverbial to-do list. Just in time for us to enjoy Spring. ha!
Want more info on this project? Inspiration, plans, and progress.
Hope you had a great weekend!

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