Entryway Makeover Reveal

Thankfully, I'm feeling much better and all that time resting at home left me plenty of opportunity to play in our new entryway. Take a look. 

I decided it was finally time to embrace the bench as a bench, instead of a table, and accent it by adding a trio of pillows in my signature eclectic mix of patterns. Next up was reconfiguring the layout to incorporate the coat rack and shoe storage. 

Now that all the must haves in any entry point, like a place to sit down, take your shoes off, and hang up your coat, are taken care of, I have the other side of the hall to concentrate on just the pretty stuff. 

Enter the little gem I picked up at Alexis Vintiques Design. A perfectly proportioned, delightfully chippy, beautifully boned demilune table. 
My main objective for incorporating a table is simply to have a spot to set a lamp. An entryway without mood lighting just doesn't work for me! 

A mirror is another must have in any entry/departure point and my old black and gold mirror looks right at home above the chippy table. No surprise I've added an orchid to this spot as well!

I'm pleased as punch with our new entry and I hope you like it too. So much function in such a small space. It doesn't get much better, in my opinion. 

Hope you had a great weekend!

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Sneak Peek

Whoa doggie, I am sick. I mean really sick. Like 2 sweatshirts, a down coat, 2 pairs of pants shivering under 3 blankets kind of sick. Now, I know what was keeping Baby E up every night last week and making her whine all day long. If I didn't feel so bad, I'd feel worse for her. Fortunately, she's on the mend and I know I will be too. Soon, hopefully. 
Despite my lack of posts, I have been working behind the scenes on my front hall makeover. It's actually come together much quicker than anticipated thanks to a great find at a local shop. 

Alexis Vintiques Design is a wonderful source for custom painted furniture, antiques and vintage pieces. Not to mention, inspiration galore. Admittedly, it isn't the most affordable of options but if you are lucky Alexis might just take you into her studio to sort through the "as is" stock. 

That's the beginning of the story behind this little entry table. It had to be special, small, and narrow. With nothing on the main floor, we checked out the studio for other options and that's when we came across this little gem. Perfect for our entry.
Can't wait to show you the rest.

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Return to Easter

We're back from Spring break and it's all systems go around here. Funny, I was worried about sending our oldest back to school today. Like maybe it would be too much after a busy and tiring 10 days in the sun. She adjusted just fine. I, on the other hand, need another break. 

It's amazing just how quickly the post-vacation blues can set in. The travel is difficult, you come home and the house is a mess, Easter is just around the corner, etc. You know what I mean. 

Well, whenever I feel like I am starting to get just a bit overwhelmed, I take a step back and try to appreciate all that I have. And then, of course, try to make it just a bit better.

I decided to inject a touch of Spring in the entryway, just in time for Easter. Taking a moment to update our entry display was just the pick-me-up I needed. 

Working with what I had on hand, I lined the base of the cage with preserved moss, added in one of my homemade green moss decor balls, a nest and colored Easter eggs. The final touch is a small vase filled with blooming daffodils.

It's hard to get a good shot of just how cute this little vignette is. But it's cute, trust me. I'm not biased.

And when Easter has passed, I might just remove the colored eggs and add in something a bit more natural. We'll see. 

What's your secret for a fast pick-me-up?

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