Welcome to the World {Dresser Bar}

I'm back from a whirlwind trip to Michigan. Full of late nights, a bit of illness and a seriously delayed flight. After a 5 hour wait in the airport, it's all ok because I came home to the site of our newly bar-ized dresser. It's the little things, you know?

I was so inspired by the dresser bar I posted in Friday's Inspiration File (here) that I decided to create one of our very own. Remember this old eBay dresser (here) that I refurbished a couple of years ago? Welcome to your new life in Charlotte, little dresser, as the proud supporter of our bar area. 

We started with a collection of framed "bar" art, layered in the all important tray to house all our essential bottles (!), then added a couple accessories that we had on hand. 
Sure, I'd love some vintage brass accessories, but I don't have any. Fortunately, list making season is just around the corner :)

We've been working on this collection of corks for almost 4 years now - not sure how we're not making more progress? I have to blame the influx of screw caps to the market. Certainly couldn't have anything to do with my consumption levels!

Side note: On a recent trip to HomeGoods I saw a big box of faux corks vase filler, I couldn't believe it - that's like cheating.

Welcome to the world dresser bar.
We love you.

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