Design Crush: Brooke and Steve Giannetti

After posting my 5th link on Facebook to the Gianneti's design work, I knew it was time to finally call a spade a spade and fess up to my latest design crush: Brooke and Steve Giannetti. 

I was first introduced to The Giannetti's work while researching raised bed gardens some 5+ years ago. Not many people I know would dig up the front yard of their Santa Monica home to install a potager. These people were definitely worth a bit more research.

Am I ever glad I followed that lead, otherwise I might have missed out on this dynamic duo and their amazing work. Just look at this office…the brick floors, the glass fronted cabinet and of course that hanging fixture. Love.

The dining home in their Santa Monica house was cozy and casually elegant - what more could you ask for? A fireplace in the dining room maybe, oh yeah, they had that too.

But, all good things come to an end and they eventually sold their Santa Monica home. Only to move into their new custom built farm in Ojai. This is when my crush started to get a little scary, like bordering on obsession … can you blame me? This home is AMAZING. 

Clearly, I'm not the only one to think so because Veranda just did a huge spread on their new digs, Patina Farm, with Brooke's office right on the cover. Simply stunning.

I'll end this Design Crush post with this picture because, quite frankly, this image needs no words. I can't even. 
Giannetti's, I love you. When can I move in?

until next time, 

Design Crush

We have house guests this week and I was a bad blogger and didn't prepare anything (in terms of posting) in advance. But, that doesn't mean I've forgotten about you all - in fact, I can't stop thinking about you - and how much I'm looking forward to getting back into the swing of the school schedule and posting more regularly. So, I wanted to pop in really quickly and share my newest and latest design crush. 

Please allow me to introduce you to Brian Patrick Flynn from Flynnside Out Productions.

Ok, obviously, I am in the middle of our deck remodel so there is a reason that this image stopped me in my tracks. But, it isn't a fleeting attraction because once I started exploring his website, I couldn't stop. I love so much about his work. 

From this image alone (second floor deck): the curtains, the hanging baskets, the rail planters, the potted greenery, the lights…need I go on?!?!?

The lower level deck of the same mountain house project is also stunning and completely approachable. Like someone you know could actually have designed it themselves, and actually lives there, and, heaven forbid, actually uses it.
Quilted hammock, chevron poufs, more potted greenery, and the dog - I mean, really, it's almost too much. In a good way, of course. 

Now, if outside spaces aren't your thing, never fear because he has plenty of interior spaces to fall in love with as well. Like this not fussy, formal dining room
Our new home in Charlotte has a formal dining room, which of course, we have used 4 times in the last year. In our last home in Chicago, we transitioned away from the formal space and utilized it as our everyday dining space…this image has me wondering what I can do in our current formal dining room to get more use out of it.
Loving those built-ins with the pops of brass against the dark backdrop. And don't even get me started on the captains chairs - jealous.

Anywho, from his blog to his portfolio there is just so much to take in and get inspired from. Doesn't hurt that his writing style has me giggling like a school girl, either. 

until next time,