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I'm back...
While I continue to wrap my head around leaving the beach and arriving back to more non-Spring like weather in the midwest, I've organized a little guest post for you. 
Have you ever wondered the story or meaning behind a collection? My good friend, Katy, has a beautifully curated collection that I have always admired - today, she has agreed to share the story behind it. I hope you enjoy!


A group of objects or works to be seen, studied, or kept together.

For me, decorating has a lot to do with collection. Our home is my place to display my collections.

When we moved to our house a year and a half ago, I promised myself that I would not decorate with anything that I wasn't in love with. It was my way of preventing our new home - one that we planned on living in for a while - from becoming a house full of knickknacks that never really had meaning to me. "Just pick your favorite things," I told myself. And in time, it will fill. 

When we first moved in, decorating was difficult. Lots of empty walls and shelves…I wanted to make sure whatever I chose, was right.

One of the first walls I tackled, an important one at that, was our entryway. And luckily, I had just the right collection to fill it.

When I was newly married - 12 years ago - I was excited about the prospect of decorating our first apartment together, but didn't know where to start. I needed a collection - some sort of theme if you will, to get me going. 

I was a graphic designer, and my love of typography developed in college. The shape of a letter in different typefaces was fascinating to me, and being newly married, I was excited about my new last name. The letter it started with was a good one - G.

And so my collection of Gs began to form.

The first few I started with were simple Gs that I found in catalogs:

I continued to pick some up at shops along the way:

Some were given to me as gifts:

My most prized letter G is from London. From a favorite antique shop on Portobello Road. It's not only special because of its origin and a token our time spent there, but I also love it because it is actually from a real shop sign. Totally authentic.

Sure enough, I had found my collection.

As it has grown, my collection has found its spot in different places in different homes. But here, our forever home, the entry hall seemed best. 

To me it says:
Welcome to our home. I am: creative, clean, unique. Not unlike the first letter of our last name - the name of my family that lives here. 

A collection that can represent all of that must be right. No wonder it's a favorite.


Thanks, Katy, for opening up your home and sharing the story of your prized collection. 

I'll be back later in the week to share a bit about our getaway and how Katy's entryway has inspired my next project. Hope to see you then.

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