Chandy: Basic to Statement

First, I'd just like to say: Wow, I've received so many nice comments about my living room - thank you, thank you, thank you! The living room has really come together over time with the majority of the items being second hand, so you're approval means even more to me. 

But today, I'm not here to talk about the living room; I'm here to talk about the dining room. I've mentioned that our dining room is slated for a makeover later this year. I've started my research for new lighting and....I'm shocked at the prices for chandeliers. I've never really LOVED my old chandelier that came with the house, but I started thinking maybe I should try to spruce it up a bit before I just go out and purchase a new one, willy nilly.

So, here she is, my basic brass chandelier. 
Truth is, she's pretty unoffensive; so unoffensive she kind of blends into the room. 
Hopefully not when I am done with my mini-makeover.

First step: (Much like the new hooks in our kitchen), I used the brass ager to minimize the shine and distress the finish a bit.

Then I added burlap shades and a burlap chain cover. One of the objectives of our dining room makeover is to, hopefully, make the room more approachable and less formal. 
And I have to say, all this burlap is making it look so much better and much less formal!

I especially like the new look at night - beautifully textured light with much better atmosphere. Amazing what a little shade will do for you. 

Will I eventually get a new chandelier, maybe. But will this one work for the time being, yes.

My Chandy has gone from basic to statement.

I guess it pays to take another look at what you have before you replace it.

Until next time,