Last weekend I was stuck in a blizzard in Chicago, this weekend we had Spring like temperatures in Charlotte. If that's not enough to get your mind spinning, I don't know what is. Sure it's a little early to transition seasons, but a little Spring fluffing never hurt anyone.

Our breakfast room, the sunniest spot in the house, the perfect area to receive the first shot of Spring. 

The pine hutch, a Craigslist purchase in Chicago, normally holds a variety of white and green kitchenware. For the seasonal transition, I'm incorporating a shot of bright Spring blue. 

And it all started with the blue, white and red Bibelot Anthropologie pie plate I received for Christmas, perfectly tying in my existing blue and white Cornishware collection. Love when that happens.

Speaking of happy coincidences, I ran across these little blue, white and red dishes in the check out line at Marshall's - don't they look like they could be from the same series as the pie plate?  Adding these to the mix really brought the whole collection together. 

Next thing you know, I'm ransacking the kitchen looking for every piece of blue and white we own. 

But, it's all worth it because now it feel like Spring has sprung in our kitchen. And it makes me so, so happy.
Go on, give yourself a little shot of Spring.

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Nothing Like We Planned {Breakfast Room Reveal}

It seems like it was forever-and-a-day ago that I shared the big reveal of our kitchen revamp (here) and a peak into the breakfast room. Ok, so maybe it was only 3 weeks ago, but it has taken me a long time to say thank you. 
Thank you for all the lovely comments.  Which, by the way, we really do appreciate. Kind of the reason for blogging, that and the never ending excuse to work on the house!

Anyway, to show our appreciation the best way we know how, I thought I'd share a bit more of the house with you today. 
Welcome to the breakfast room. 

The breakfast room is open to the kitchen, which was one of the many criteria we had on our "new home" list. It's a light and bright space that is deceivingly large. 

The original plan for this room was to use our old, smaller breakfast table (here) from the Chicago house. It wasn't until the movers placed our farmhouse table here to "rest" that we even realized it would fit. The hutch, which I had planned to use in the hallway, found it's way into this room with a similar story. 

I purchased the rug from Overstock while we were living in our temporary apartment (here). I had planned to use it in the den. 
The jam cabinet found a brief home in the playroom housing art supplies until we decided to relocate it to this sunny corner of the breakfast room. 

The breakfast room is nothing like I had planned it to be, but that's the beauty and the irony of it all. Because it is, by far, one of the most "finished", most comfortable and certainly most inviting spaces in our new home. 
Funny how that happens.

Sometimes it's the least planned areas that turn out the best.
Take a second look at your own furniture, try it in a different space, it could be the best unplanned move you've ever made. 

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{Former} Breakfast Room Plans and Inspiration

Now that we've transitioned our main dining space from the breakfast room to the dining room, it's time to repurpose the former breakfast room. If you recall, this was our original inspiration picture for the breakfast room. So, what's the new plan?

We're hoping to take it from this to...

Breakfast room turn library/office/playroom. 

All the main elements are in place, like the bookshelves, table, and chairs. I don't really anticipate changing them at the moment, although I would like more comfortable chairs in the future. 

Step one: take the breakfast decor out of the shelves in an attempt to give it a more library-esque feel. 

Sounds easy enough, right?

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Take It To Go

As I mentioned in my Michigan post, one of the highlights of our week long stay was the much anticipated trip to Pottery Barn Outlet. I've never been before, but my sister-in-law had and she mentioned it can be very hit or miss, so I really didn't know what to expect. 

But we took our chances, strapped in both babies, and made the hour long drive. And, I have to tell you, it really was worth the trip. My SIL made out like a bandit. I didn't do too bad, either. 

The one thing I did take away from the whole experience is just how impressive their staging really is. The magazine and retail store really do a wonderful job making each piece look so unique and collected. Not the outlet. Nothing takes the 'one of a kind' look out of an object like 40 of them on a shelf all sporting the same detailed distressing. 

But, I didn't let a little detail like that stop me. I still managed to pick up a small 'antiqued' wooden tray and a set of 6 napkins.  When I saw the tray, I knew exactly where I'd use it.

You see, I love to have a centerpiece on my breakfast table, but it was just getting to the point that I started to find it impractical. If it was too high, I couldn't see the kids, if it was too wide I couldn't fit anything else on the table, etc, etc. You know how it goes.

Enter the tray. While it's in the center of the table, the flowers and candle aren't, which allows me a direct line of sight to Miss T. 
{No elbows on the table!}
Throw on some napkins, salt and pepper and its practicality is really starting to shine.
{Mommy, can you get me a napkin? Oh, they're right here. Nice.}

The best part of all, if I'm serving family style, I can take the whole tray to go. Instant open space. Brilliant.

A practical and pretty centerpiece, who knew that existed.
The real question is, how did I not think of this before?

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How to Customize Basic Curtains

Last week, I revealed some of the changes in the breakfast room, but realized I never gave you the how to on my newly customized cafe curtains.

This is such a simple and quick update that really makes a difference in your room.
Good-bye to your basic store bought curtains!

Working with your chosen fabric, cut two inches wider than your desired border and a couple inches longer than your panel. 
In my case, I wanted a 7 inch border, so I cut the fabric to 9 inches high and my panels are 56 inches, so I cut the length to 60 inches. 

At this point, I turned to my old friend fusing tape, because let's face it I still haven't learned to sew, and created a one inch seam at the top and bottom. 

Still with me?

Then flip her over and attach to your window panel, one inch from the bottom seam. 
I just think this gives it a cleaner look. 

To finish it off, I added a length of coordinating ribbon, which was also attached with fusing tape - although I am sure fabric glue would of worked just as well. 

(sorry, this picture was was taken when I was testing out the look, not when I was actually attaching the ribbon - bad, bad blogger!)

So there you have it, short and sweet and simple! 

Such a difference. 

The white cafe curtains were purchased at a big box store at minimal cost and customized with a scrap of left over pillow fabric. The biggest cost was the ribbon, which was something like $.80 a yard! 

Go on, give it a go!
You won't be sorry.

For those of you that are tuning in expecting a reveal of my gigantic pine armoire - what can I tell you, patience is a virtue! 
It's coming, I promise. 

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