Inspiration File: Bar

Remember when booze was kept under lock and key, hidden away in the liquor cabinet? Those days are definitely behind us - it seems as though everyone has theirs on display now-a-days.

Yes, the bar cart is definitely all the rage right now. They are beautiful, architectural, glamorous, the list goes on. And, the accessories - don't even get me started: beautiful glasses, pretty bottles, flowers, decanters - oh my! 

Of course it's not all about the cart, almost any piece of furniture can be used as a bar. A tray housing a collection of beautiful bottles, a glass or two, flowers. Art, even a lamp. It doesn't take much to make a bar. The options are endless.

Although you don't see as many built-in bars these days, they are super functional and can be just as beautiful. I love the mirrored back, glass shelves and the wine fridge. Yup, I'm definitely saving this for whenever we get around to refreshing our wet bar. 

I'll leave you with this one last image of a beautiful, small scale faux bamboo bar cart. And a promise that I'll be back with a version of our own, soon. 

until next time,