LoN knock-off Art Clips

You're probably familiar with the Land of Nod and all their cute kids stuff. I love wondering around their shop in search of inspiration. The other day, I noticed these:

art clips, via

So cute, but seriously, $15 for some string and clips? I think we all know we can make that quite easily!

Start with a large headed nail.

Attach a cute cover, of your choice, with liquid nails. In this case, I used wooden stars that I picked up at Michael's and painted blue.

I've used three in a row, but I am sure you could make this as long/short as you would like.

Connect each star with yarn, knotting onto each nail.

Attach clips.
I mean, could it be any easier?

A great place to display art. Not to mention a makeshift drying rack for all those little works of art.
{Really into the sticker mosaics at the moment; thanks again Aunt P}

Next up is the final walk through. I'm not going to lie to you, I'm pretty happy this project is over. More fun to use the room than decorate it, I think.

Until next time,