Three Boys Mood Board

Ah, the mood board - a collection of inspirational images, words and samples.

I do love to create a good mood board, so when I started working on the furniture layout for the Three Boys room design, I naturally wanted to take it to the next step with a mood board!

Inspirational image

This was my jumping off image for the entire space! It has a great balance of the feminine and masculine - beautiful exposed beams, natural stone floor and a rough wood table, all balanced by feminine details.  

So, where do we take Sarah's room from here?

Three Boy's Family Room

The room, as is, feels warm, cozy and definitely very masculine.  I would like to see a couple of feminine touches added to the space to make it more balanced.

I think a smokey blue/grey color on the walls would work well in this space; it would highlight the grey in the existing brick as well as her kitchen counter tops.

Other basic elements I would add:

Harvest style table with turned legs: check, she's already added one!

Slightly modern take on a classic farmhouse ladderback chair, as side chairs

Dark, patterned rug perfect for the high traffic area near the fireplace

Chairs flanking the fireplace, both leather, but not quite matching would add an eclectic flair.

A couple of feminine touches to balance out the masculine architectural features:

Skirted slip covered wingbacks at the heads of the table
Painted buffet along the side wall, with beautifully curved legs.

I've created this mood board as if we were starting from scratch in terms of furniture. Obviously, there are loads of directions that this room could go. This is simply a starting off point!

Mood boards are a great way to start planning a room and a really helpful organizational tool as well. If you've never created one, give it a try during your next home design project!
Inspirational image and slipcovered chair - both so deep from within my archives, I've forgotten where they came from.
Harvest table: Pottery Barn
Ladderback Chair: Williams Sonoma Home
Rug: overstock
Leather chairs: Restoration Hardware
Painted buffet: ebay

Three Boys - Online Consultation

Thanks to my good friend Sarah over at Three Boys, I've had the opportunity to conduct my first official online consultation.

You may remember the goal she recently set to fill her home with 90% previously owned furniture - a great goal to have - but hard to do when the furniture layout is still a bit questionable!

This is where I came in. Together we followed a couple simple steps to come up with a new layout for her family room.

Step 1: Evaluate your space

After much to-ing and fro-ing over email relaying the current functionality of her space, the needs for the new space, and the measurements, we came away with these goals:
  • A family-oriented room that welcomes both adults and kids.
  • Dining space.
  • Potential for playroom now with intended move of playroom to basement in the future.

Step 2: Determine possible furniture placement options

Taking her goals into consideration, I sent over my proposed layout. 

proposed layout

The new layout offers a large family dining area to accommodate her 3 boys, as well as a cozy lounge area near the fire for adult conversation, and plenty of toy storage space as well as play area.

Step 3: Try it out

I always recommend moving furniture around in your home to test out a potential new layout. Don't worry about the furniture being the perfect piece for the space, at this stage just look at how the structure of the room is working for you and your family. It's the only true way to know if it is going to work. I have even heard of people using tape -hey, whatever works!

Step 4: Take the plunge

Seriously, Sarah is like the dream client - motivated and open to all suggestions! She liked the proposed layout, moved some of her current furniture around, lived with it for a little bit, and ultimately decided to start the search for new pieces for the room!

To check out what she has done so far, click here.

Tomorrow, I 'll be posting a mood board, of sorts, for how I would like to see the room come together.