DIY Christmas Herb Wreath

The weather in Chicagoland has been crazy lately - it was 70 degrees today! The good news is that it's absolutely perfect for working on your exterior decor, the bad news, for me, is it's hard to get in the spirit with all this warm weather. But, the nice weather did inspire me to create my next DIY project.

You see, although our garden has been closed-up for close to two months now, some of our herbs are still going strong - like the rosemary and thyme. There's so much rosemary, I had more than enough to spare a couple branches to create this sweet little wreath.

I think I pinned a dried herb wreath on pinterest ages ago, so when I saw this rosemary just begging to be used, I thought: green, good smelling, wreath - yes, this is the perfect time to complete this project.

And, it really couldn't have been easier. It's amazing what you can accomplish with a bit of floral wire! Simply wire each branch together, overlapping as you go, creating a circle shape. It literally took all of about 5 minutes to make.

The hardest part of the whole project was selecting the right ribbon and finding the perfect spot to hang it! Of course, the kitchen was the obvious spot. Pretty cute hanging there with our little Santa. I'd like to find some fun Santa mugs to put on the shelves as well, so if you see any that are just screaming out, " Liz, take me home!" let me know. 

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