The Little Lady Room Reveal

It seems as though I am on a girl's room roll because … another one bites the dust. That's right, the little lady's room is also done. 

We've come along way from the sad room with the broken crib. Remember the ikea bed, the bright ebay quilt, and the clearance aisle teal throw? You'd never know that it didn't all come together, that it wasn't purchased as a set. 

Then, of course, there's my favorite DIY craft to date, the pom-pom sham. Fortunately, my pom-pom obsession hasn't carried on to other rooms, yet.

 The original gallery wall that spurred on enough sibling rivalry to create a gallery wall in the hot pink room, too. And my childhood dresser updated with cute floral inspired knobs.

 The Play nook conveniently hidden from the door view. Sometimes when I think our little lady has slept in, I round the corner and see this area demolished and then I know she graciously let us sleep in. That's a good girl right there. 

Two girl's room completed in the same year! I never saw it coming, but I couldn't be happier knowing that they're settled into their own spaces and I've achieved the one goal I set this year. 

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Secret Time

Wanna know a secret? It's a doozey. Here it is: wait for it….wait for it...I have a fear of hanging artwork. There, I said it. Mirrors, not so much. But, artwork, man, it gets me every time. Not that you'd know it looking at our living room gallery wall (check it out here). The truth is, a couple of weeks after we moved in, I stopped hanging art and started leaning it against walls all over the house -- afraid to yield a hammer and nail. I have no idea why, it's completely irrational, I know. Especially for someone in my line of work! Maybe I wasn't ready to commit, I'm not sure, but whatever the reason I've decided I will no longer live in fear … it's time. Time to hang some art. 

So, in honor of our little lady's 3rd birthday, I swallowed my fear and tackled her long awaited gallery wall. Seriously, I've had stuff leaning all over the place in her room for well over a year. Like that's safe!
What is it about gallery walls in little kid's rooms anyway? Could it be because a gallery wall is the perfect way to highlight their ever changing interests? 
Of course, it helped that we finally got her forever dresser ( do I even need to tell you where it came from? my parents, obviously.)  it's kinda hard to anchor a gallery wall without proper furniture placement. Excuses, excuses. I hear you.

Most of the items we had from her room in Chicago (check out the reveal of her old Chicago nursery here - wow, that really takes me back!), except the print I picked up from Land of Nod back in the spring (read more about that here). That's how long all of this stuff has been lying around. Kinda pathetic. 
The butterflies used to live in her big sisters room (since we're throwing it back, check out her Chicago room here), but like I said, interests change. 

There are so many trains of thought on gallery walls:
symmetrical vs not symmetrical,
similar frames vs not similar vs no frames,
consistent color pallet vs not,
consistent theme vs not,
the list goes on.

If there's one place to have a little fun and perhaps not follow every design rule out there, it's in a kid's room for heaven sake. So I just went for it…within reason. Keeping a good balance of size, shape and color in mind. I'm also happy to report that all items were hung on the first try with no extra nail holes - it is a minor miracle and one I feel quite proud of. 

The dresser needs a little love, but we are getting there. One little lady step at a time. 

PS. I think I have overcome my fear, and have the receipt for a boat-load of picture hangers in my wallet to prove it! Watch out house, here I come. 

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How the play nook came to be

Let's talk about bedside tables, shall we? Some are fans of the matching set, some like to mix it up. 
When we first started to redesign our little lady's room, we had an existing vintage dresser to the right of the bed and French inspired piece to the left of the bed. 
Not usually fans of the matching set, we did our best to make it work. The problem was the weight and feel of the two pieces just didn't compliment each other. One was wider and taller and more clunky, while the other was shorter and narrower and more delicate. 

In an effort to use what we had, after much trial and error, we finally tried her existing bookshelf to the left of the bed. Low and behold, it was perfect. The height and width are very similar as are the tones of wood in both pieces. And this, ladies and gentlemen, is how her little play nook was born. 

I love to incorporate a play space/homework zone/reading corner in kid's rooms. So much about design is for adults, really. So creating a small space just for them is an easy way to make them feel special. Our little lady isn't quite 3 yet, cardboard books, stuffed animals and dollhouses are still all the rage. 
And bonus for me, this little nook is tucked on the opposite side of her bed, so messes can't even be spied from the doorway. It's the little things, I tell you, for both of us.

Check out the reading corner and homework zone we created in our big girl's room. 

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It All Started with a Pillow

Doesn't it just feel like you blink and it's Monday? I mean, where does the weekend go? Especially if you are out and about enjoying some of this lovely fall weather. Not that I was, instead I spent the weekend helping my parents move (insert mixed emotion face here)…but more about that later. After I get home. 
In the meantime, we've made a bit more progress in our little lady's room and I thought I'd share that with you today. 

So far we've found the bed and the sheets, added the bright quilted coverlet and the DIY pompom shams, but there's still more…can you see the changes? Just when you thought the bed couldn't get any cuter, I found another quilt to add to the mix.
Strolling the aisles of Marshall's I found the perfectly coordinating Tahari turquoise blue ruffled quilt in the clearance aisle. Adding the quilt to the end of the bed helps carry the color all the way from foot to head. It was a no-brainer.

Notice anything else? 
Yup, I splurged and purchased one quilted euro sham (remember the big sale at Horchow I posted on FB) to add into the mix. Now, even though just about everything on the bed was purchase individually and at different times, it actually looks like an intentional design. 

It's hard to believe that the whole bedding scenario started from the round turquoise pillow we purchased over a year ago. I remember thinking her room looked so sad, so unfinished (you can check it out here), I thought may be by adding just one fun pillow it would help. And I loved that color! Who knew a year later we would have created an entire design around that one colorful pillow.  

Loving this cute little lady bedding; don't plan to change a thing for many years to come. Now that's a good feeling. 
Next, I can't wait to move onto new areas of her room. We've carved out a tiny little play area that I'll share with you later in the week. 

Hope you had a great weekend!

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Pompom Shams

Tell me the truth, who spent their weekend making pompoms? You know I did. Not surprising, huh. 
Even more not surprising, I added them to our little lady's bedding. You knew that one was coming, didn't you? I hate to be so predictable, but when an idea is good, it's just good. Predictable or not.

My only struggle was deciding where to put them. At first I thought - shams and duvet. You know, make a little set (I had a plain white Ikea set that we had previously used in the guest room). Then I worried about the washability of the duvet once the pompoms were added. A duvet is always on the bed, subject to a lot more use/abuse. Once your kid has had the stomach flu, you never look at bedding the same way again! Shams, on the other hand, are really only on the bed when it's made, less likely to suffer middle of the night issues. Shams it is! 

First I added one pompom to each corner of the shams, but it felt a little lack luster, if you know what I mean. So, I added an extra pompom to each side (making 3 per side)…still a little wah-wah. Then, upon my mom's suggestion, I added 3 more across the top and bottom. Bingo. Now we're talking.  

So cute. If I do say so myself. 
In case you are curious these are all hand stitched to the white shams, plain old needle and thread. Doesn't get much simpler than that. 
If you missed the DIY pompom tutorial, you can check it out here
Hope you had a great weekend!

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