Inspiration Monday: Addressing Above the Bed

You may remember that addressing the space above our bed is high on my list of priorities when it comes to our bedroom refresh. But, with so many options it's not that easy to decide. 
Here are some of my top contenders…

1. Mirror - it's an obvious and probably most commonly used solution to fill the void above a bed. 

Large or small, either can create a true focal point in the space. 

2. Something unusual - you know how I feel about every room having/needing a touch of whimsy, why not include it right above the bed. 

The round sisal really caught my eye, but probably works best without an actual headboard. Same goes for the salvaged window frames below.

3. Art - Another obvious answer, but playing with scale helps to keep it from becoming too predictable.

Oversized or simple and small, both work to give your eye a resting spot.

4. Nothing - A beautiful bed and bedding, flanked by windows can sometimes be all the space needs. 

Of course, there are lots of other options like plates, canopies, wallpaper/stencil, etc (some of which I have pinned on my Pinterest page) that I didn't include here because they aren't really contenders for our bedroom, but that doesn't mean that wouldn't be absolutely gorgeous in your space. So, tell me what you think…what do you have above your bed? and what do you think we should do above ours?

Hope you had a great weekend.

until next time, 

Inspiration Monday: The Layered Bed

Happy Monday and first official week of Fall (which technically starts on Wednesday, I believe). What are you doing to mark this special occasion? Personally, I'm leaning toward a Fall makeover - the layered bed - perfect for this seasons cooler temperatures. 

It all started when I saw this image of the Nester's bedroom - she had just had it repainted after planking the ceiling, which is really what her post was all about. But for me - it was all about that bed. Doesn't it just look lay-around all day luscious? All layered up with that extra large tasseled throw.

The tassel throw from Anthropologie (not currently online) led me to this beautifully layered bed. This time incorporating warm colors that are perfectly seasonal.

Just as soon as I started down the layered bed road, I thought … you know who always does a lovely layered bed, Pottery Barn. And sure enough, they had loads of inspirational images to choose from. I'm partial to this one with the perfect mix of white and cream - a classic that never goes out of style.

Of course, it doesn't all have to be pattern-less neutrals. In fact, mixing a variety of patterns and textures in one color pallet really hypes up the cozy factor, for me.
So, let's break it down…we're talking sheets (obviously), a blanket, coverlet/quilt, duvet and a throw, if possible. All in a mixture of textures and patterns, ideally in a neutral pallet. Doesn't that just sound divine - or at least really warm. 

Oh, I'm excited! Time to bring the duvet out of the linen closet and   start creating those layers we all love. 
Happy first week of Fall, y'all.

until next time,

Inspiration Monday: All Things Fall

The first of our leaves are starting to change colors and fall, we were treated to delightfully mild temperatures this past weekend, football is back on the tv - yup, it's starting to feel a lot like Fall. 

Between our mountain getaway, and recent posts discussing the change in seasons and how it's reflected in our retailers, it seems like Fall is all I can think about.

We haven't made any changes in our home (yet) to reflect the new, chillier time of year but I've already started thinking of my four favorite ways to bring Fall home and if it's too soon to bring out my favorite Fall throws.

Our cul-de-sac has agreed to host our neighborhood Halloween party this year, a Fall spruce up outside is definitely in order…maybe something like last year's front porch.

Of course the change in season also comes with new ensemble challenges, although I love transitioning to Fall with all it's cozy layers, it's still hard to follow all the fashion trends.

One thing is for sure, I do love Fall cooking and definitely haven't wasted any time incorporating new seasonal recipes into our nightly family dinners, like this yummy soup we had Sunday night and this pasta we're planning for later in the week. 

Bring it, Fall, we're ready.

until next time, 

Inspiration Monday: Spicy Orange

Not sure if you know, but Tuesday is September 1st! Most kids are back in school, the weather has cooled down a bit, the feel of fall is definitely in the air. Zoinks! How did that happen? I'm not delusional, I know we're still months away from actual fall weather here in Charlotte but it doesn't mean that I can't dream about it. It's hard not to, after all, when all the retailers are featuring loads of  spicy orange throughout their stores.

Have you seen the new jewel toned pillow collection from Pottery Barn featuring loads of spicy orange?

How about the new spicy orange collection of home accessories from William Sonoma Home

Even Ballard Designs is getting in on the fall color scheme, "warming" up their windows.

As if that wasn't convincing enough, check out the cover of House Beautiful's Septmber issue. 

Yes, fall is in the air and our retailers are making sure we know it. Go on, take a look around and see where you can spot some spicy orange. 

Hope you had a great weekend. 

until next time,

Inspiration Monday: Working with Oriental Rugs

Let's talk oriental rugs, shall we? I used to think they were used mostly in stodgy traditional decorating, but lately I've seen them mixed with other styles to create a new, fresh look. Check it out.
There are so many patterns and color combinations you're surely able to find something to work in almost any space. 

Brick reds.

Paired with animal print!

Coral and navy. A favorite combo of mine.

The yellows are stunning.


My all time favorite are the more muted, vintage styles.

It's all about balance, as you can see. Even the most traditional of foundational pieces can be mixed and matched for a fresh look. There's no denying that a true Oriental rug can be an investment, but you can still find deals online and at auction…so get out there and find yourself one. You can thank me later.

until next time,