The Good and The Not So Good

More hot pink for the hot pink bedroom. 

Remember our little inspiration board here? Well, I stayed true to our plans and even upped the anti by throwing in the promised hot pink duvet, thanks to a recent bedding sale at the Land of Nod
We're loving the shock of hot pink coupled with the subtle light pink walls. And that pop of a lagoon blue works so well to temper all that pink.
That's the good news. Now for the not so good news. 

I completely lost my nerve on painting our Craigslist beds a super fun color. I had intended on spraying them a similar lagoon blue to the shams, but I chickened out. 
What can I say, it happens.

Here's why:
I ended up striking a deal with the cabinet finishers from our kitchen remodel to have the beds lacquered. Spraying them myself in a lively blue would have been fun, but I just couldn't justify it when they were being professionally sprayed. I decided to pick a color that would last the test of time, just like the lacquer finish. 
And secondly, we plan to add an antique desk from my childhood between the beds when Tessa gets a bit older and I worried about the blue beds, wood desk and white dresser. 
So, white beds it is!

One thing is for sure though, the details on the vintage beds really shine now that they are lacquered white.
You know those pineapple finials had me at hello. 
But, I didn't even notice the bullseye detail until they were back from the finishers. Ah, the powers of paint...once again. 

We're so happy we upgraded Tessa's beds from her former Target headboards
(Speaking of, if you're local and interested in second hand target headboards, give me a shout!) 
There's just something about a bed with both a headboard and a footboard. More complete perhaps? I'm not sure.
But, late at night, when I check on Tessa, I just can't believe how grown up she looks in these beds. Our big girl. In her almost finished big girl room.

until next time,

A Hot {Pink} Bedroom

Zoinks, it's been a crazy week, y'all. But, we did it - we moved in over the weekend. It's so nice to be surrounded by our things yet again, despite the ongoing construction. And, as an added bonus my Mom came to stay - together we are whipping this house into shape. Or at least getting the boxes under control!
So, when the whole house is your oyster and you need a place to focus first - where do you start? 
Kid's bedroom, of course.

The hot pink bedroom.

Perhaps you remember I may have mentioned that Tessa really, really, really wanted a hot pink bedroom. So, I made it my personal mission to come up with a plan to incorporate pink without the whole room becoming some big bubblegum encrusted monstrosity.

Impatient petal, SW

To start: I chose a very subtle shade of pink for the walls. After that, Tessa didn't really have much to say. I mean, she asked for a pink room and I gave her one. 
Best. Mom. Ever.

This is where the true work comes in. Finding something as strong as the pink to balance out the room. Something to see, other than just pink. That's when the Land of Nod, came to the rescue with this cute royal blue floral sham. Blue, yellow, green, baby pink and the beloved hot pink. Amazing. Every color we wanted, plus some we hadn't even thought of to coordinate with her existing sheeting, etc. Could it get any better? I don't think so.
That is until I discovered how cute it looked layered with the oversized hot pink gingham euro sham. 
Yes, more pink. I am good.

There may or may not be a matching duvet to the hot pink sham, depending how generous I am feeling as the room starts to come together. Also, I should mention this will all be tempered by her existing white quilts. It's all about balance, you know?
Other plans include some fun spray painted beds and a new bookshelf. And, of course, making the rest of her existing furniture work in her new room. Stay tuned to watch it all unfold!

Any other hot pink bedrooms out there? 

until next time,