eBay Dresser Reveal

Thanks to a lot of this, I've had plenty of time to work on our little dresser.

Click here to see where we started.

After a good sanding, she received a coat of wood conditioner, two coats on Dark Walnut Stain, and two coats of polyurethane.

And just look at her now...

I am so pleased with how she turned out. A great look for less than $100!
In my book, you just can't beat that!

Here's another before, just as a refresher.

And after.

All smartened up -
holding Mr. DD's vintage decanters and my Smith & Hawken boxwood topiaries.

And a cute little pair of birds that I recently found at TJ Maxx.

I am so inspired by this little project that I've been spending even more time on eBay lately.
Stay tuned to see what I pick up next!

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It's Here: eBay dresser

The other day I told you about my recent score on eBay - a sweet little pine chest. Well, we finally got around to collecting her and bringing her home. Pretty exciting!

In her new home, awaiting restoration!


a little wear and tear

some stores charge big bucks for this type of distressing

clearly she was green at one time.

So many possibilities with this little piece, but first things first...

The hardware is off and receiving a bath.

And the whole piece is getting a serious sand down.

Stop by tomorrow to see the progress and perhaps even a reveal...now that we are about to be snowed in, I'll have lots of time to complete this one.

Until next time,