The Hot Pink Room is DONE

We moved in to this house a little over a year ago and the first room I started working on was the hot pink bedroom for our oldest daughter. I can't believe it's been that long! Even more crazy? I am finally ready to call this room done. 

The biggest change in the last several months was the addition of my childhood desk and the teal stool (you can read more about it here). It adds a bit more function to the space and gives me a little perch for story time. Plus, it's nice to break up all the white furniture in here. Bonus.

The monogramed DIY lampshade and spray painted owl lamp are still taking center stage, some 3+ years after I made them for her first big girl room in Chicago. The owl did get a new sparkly necklace this summer - you know, to fancy her up a bit.

One thing I have definitely learned over the years, don't mess with her stuff! I try to organize and, heaven forbid, decorate her dresser and all you-know-what breaks loose. So, it is what it is. 

But, I do love this little tray that so encompasses her. Born in London, loves her froggie, everything pink and sparkly, and snow globes.

The reading nook is used more by her sister, but it serves it's purpose as a catch all and fashion runway for her many mix and match outfits.
Still love the low profile book storage from Pottery Barn Kids. You can read more about that here

And, of course, our most recent addition - the purse infused gallery wall

With only a handful of minor changes in the last year, I think it's safe to say this room works for our big girl and I can officially call it done. Until she decides pink isn't her favorite color anymore :)

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Another Room, Another Gallery Wall

If you have kids, you probably already know that when one gets something new, the other immediately wants it, too. And this, my friends, is the story of how our big girl also received a new gallery wall in her room. 

Honestly, I had promised a wall treatment incorporating her collection of purses for quite some time. Completing the gallery wall in our little lady's room was just the perfect excuse to finally get started in our big girl's room.

We started by collecting the elements that we wanted to incorporate: purses (obviously!), homemade art, school art, camp art, etc. Then worked on the arrangement - fortunately most are hung temporally with command strips (velcro and hooks) and can be easily moved along the wall. Some of the school art is from last year in Kindergarten, so I hung them simply with putty to make them easy to replace with more current pieces from this year. 

Two bedrooms, two gallery walls and now everyone is happy. 

Hope everyone had a great weekend and a happy veteran's day. We've had family in town, loving the time together and all this beautiful weather. 

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A switch, a desk and some freshening

As of today, school is back in session! 
So, it only seems fitting that I'd share a little update in our new 1st graders bedroom. This change didn't really come about because of school, per say, but it does involve a there you go. 
Why not?

old dresser

This is how we started in Tessa's room. 
Keen observers may have noticed that the white dresser that served as her beside table recently moved to the porch.
Who doesn't love good ol' multi purpose furniture - you know this girl does! 

new home on the porch

The dresser is now working perfectly on the porch holding napkins, candles, placemats and such, which makes room for a new addition in Tessa's room. 
Of course, I mean 'new' in the sense that it's new to her room, but not new to this house or me, for that matter. 

It's my childhood desk. 

As you know, I'm totally in support of using good quality, solid wood (antique, if possible) furniture in my home - and I love how the dark wood plays off the white bed frames (you know how I feel about matching sets) - but even I can admit that this feels a little "mature" for a kid's room.

Never fear, it's nothing some good quality accessorizing can't handle.  Starting with this too cute teal ottoman I found on clearance (it's ok to hate me a little) at Target for less than $25.

Such a good deal I got it in pink and teal. Like a mom of two girls can't find a place for a hot pink ottoman, please.

I love the teal against the dark wood, how it helps to break up all the pink in the room, and brings out the blue in the pillows. Plus, the youthfulness of the ottoman really freshens up the whole look of the dark, heavy 'mature' desk.

Once the little seat was in place, it felt kind of natural to kit out her desk with her favorite (of the moment) books, workbooks and journal all corralled by another youthful punch in the form of the owl bookends.

Who remembers the owl lamp and monogrammed lampshade? One of my first projects some 3+ years ago.

Now, do I really think she's going to sit in her room and do her homework? No, I am not delusional. But, she does like to spend some time alone, away from her little sister, from time to time and I hope she'll enjoy this new little spot of her very own.

A couple of take-aways from all of this:
1. hand-me-downs are awesome.
2. mixing wood finishes adds warmth to your space and helps to keep it interesting. NO matching sets.
3. adding the right accessories can freshen even the most 'mature' of furniture.

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The BGR re-vamp

A couple of days ago I mentioned, on Facebook, that Miss T has been complaining about her room a lot lately. Not enough space to lay out all her things, but most importantly, not 'fancy' enough. 

{BGR original}

You see, we're in the throws of the "Fancy Nancy" phase. {If you aren't familiar with this series, it's fun, so check it out here.} Essentially, everything must be fancy. We are talking jewels at all times. This girl has always loved her accessories, but lately, we are taking it to a whole new level. 

Of course, I want her to be happy in her room and not feel stifled and confined by my sense of design. But at the same time, I'm not interested in starting from scratch. She only moved into her BGR a short while ago. 

So, with a little creative problem solving, we came up with a new layout for her room. No, it's not ideal or picture perfect, but it works and it makes her very happy...lots of room for her babies to lay out in a row, lay whole outfits across the floor, line up patients for know the drill. There's always so much to do :)

By removing the headboard from one of her beds, we were able to nestle the bed between the wall and the radiator. Essentially, creating a day bed and freeing up a LOT of floor space. Double win. 

The piece de resistance came when I found this {awful} butterfly canopy at Bed Bath and Beyond for the bargain basement price of $10. (Had been $29.99 less 50% for slight damage, plus a $5 off coupon). Having a fancy tent was seriously high on Miss. T's wish list. Needless to say, I scored big points with this one. 

Otherwise, it was just a matter of moving the other pieces around and reworking her wall decor. I'd like to pick up a couple more butterflies {fortunately, they are on sale} and perhaps some additional throw pillows for the daybed. Maybe a duvet cover, I'm not sure. But these things can all come with time. And for now, the complaints have stopped and she's excited to be in her room again, which makes quiet time much better for both of us. Ah, crisis averted. 

Hope you had a great weekend - and averted some of your own crisis, big or small. 

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Ah, Memories - let's showcase them!

As many of you know, I am due to welcome our second daughter in a short 4 weeks!!

Things have shifted into high gear around here - I've got loads of projects on the go:
hoping to finish the living room, start transitioning to fall decor, and of course, update the nursery.

In terms of preparing for the new baby, I've managed to sort through all the old baby clothes - wash them, no, but sort through them - yes! Small steps. 

While sorting through the old clothes, I ran across my oldest's onesie with all her birth details - and I thought, I definitely need to showcase this.

I picked up a shadowbox frame from Michael's, borrowed a bit of fabric from an upcoming nursery project, found a bit of left over ribbon from the cork board project in the BGR, and grabbed my fabric glue.

Cut fabric to size and glue in place.

I used a bit of ribbon just to finish off the edges - again, just glued in place.

Then pin your item in place!

I decided to hang it in her Big Girl Room.

Mr. DD laughed and said she is going to love that hanging there when she is 12!

I am sure a lot of things will change in this room by the time she turns 12!
I'll take what I can get.

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