Our Home

To discover the story of our Charlotte house, click here.

After relocating cross country (Chicago to Charlotte) during the Summer of 2013, we purchased our new-to-us home in August and moved in during September of 2013. 
Now, we're slowly working to turn this house into our home, one room at a time. It's mostly a "work in progress", but here are a couple of rooms that are nearing the finish line. 

You won't believe what this kitchen looked like when we bought the place -- you can read all about our Plans, change of Plans, final Inspiration, our Progress, and finally the Reveal.

Read all about the breakfast room here.

Living Room
Check out our progress here and here and here and here and here.

Dining Room
Click here and here and here to see the most recent look.

Click here,  here, or here to see the most recent look.

Family Room
Progress here and here.

Back Porch
Check out the before and after here and the details here.

Click here for all the details about our paint colors.

To discover the story of our Chicago house, click here.

To read about the transformation of our Chicago house, click here.