A New Master Bedroom {Client Work}

Yeah, it's reveal day! By far my most favorite days. Especially when it's a really big transformation like today's Master Bedroom project. 

A simply stunning and elegant bedroom transformation.

The before...we've come a long way, baby!

The original inspiration...

And the after...

Featuring new upholstered bed and bedding, side tables, lighting, window treatments, seating area and accessories.

The intimate seating area offers a quiet spot to curl up with a good book or take in the views of the wooded surroundings. The feminine floral chairs provide a nice balance to the more masculine navy upholstered bed. 

His side with room for plenty of space for books and subtle storage.

Their traditional dresser was shown a little love and style makeover by pairing it with a new contemporary metallic mirror, beautiful storage and living greenery. Always a must in the bedroom, in my opinion!

 Before and After

Before and After

I'm in love with how this room came together. The balance of masculine and feminine styles, as well as traditional and contemporary, work with each other to create a space that suites both of their likes and needs. It's not too fussy, but not too stark. A wonderful compromise.

Such a fun project to work on. Thanks to the Valentine Family for inviting me into your home! 

More to come...

In the News...2

I hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend! We didn't plan much, just a relaxing weekend at home enjoying the lovely Spring-like temperatures. And then, the stars aligned and this happened....

What the what?

Yes, we had been toying with the idea of getting a dog at some point. Key word being, DOG. Not puppy. Some of us wanted this to happen a bit more than others. Some of us just wanted our other babies to be in kindergarten first...but alas I saw this cute face, she met so many of my seemingly hard to come by criteria and she was available this weekend. No waiting, no time for second guessing. I caved, big time. 

Next thing I know we're hitting the road on a 4 hour road trip to pick up this sweet girl! In just two short days, our lives have been forever changed by this face. 

Not that you can blame us, surely. I mean, just look at this fur ball! 

And lucky for her, she has a nearly completed bonus room to now call her own. Seriously, we are this close and I can't wait to share all the details with you....probably including a photo bomb or two by this little lady. 

Welcome to the family, Annie. Looking forward to finding our new norm with you!

More to come...

5 Chaise Lounge Under $500

Now that I have my inspiration down for our bonus room makeover, one of the elements I am most excited to add is a pair of side by side chaise lounges.

Check out how nice and cozy and comfy this looks...

Just imagine the amazing movie watching that can happen in this space...

Yup, double chaise lounge is the way forward. But, you know, double the chaise = double the price! Time to find some affordable options and lucky for you - I'm willing to share my findings!

  1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5


Spoiler alert...I've already decided on my favorite and made a purchase. Sadly, I learned the hard way that the massive box didn't fit in my car, I'll be resorting to old fashioned delivery for the mate. Ugh, I'll miss the lack of instant gratification. 

The good news is that we're getting closer to finishing the space and closer to sharing it with you! 

More to come...

Bonus Room: Design Plan and Moodboard

Ok, so ... I'm excited.

After pouring over all my inspiration pictures I've come up with a plan for our bonus room. 


Here's the plan:

1. Cozy up the space by adding a vintage patterned rug, hanging drapery and incorporating lots of fun textural elements.

2. Increase seating by adding in a chaise or two (um, budgets!), beanbags and occasional chairs to the existing dining table. Might even bring back the kid chairs, TBD.

3. Shed a little extra light on the space by incorporating paper lanterns. 

4. Add some much needed greenery to give it a true lived in feel. 

5. Obviously already touched on the textural elements, but it's worth repeating, there will be loads of textural pillows and throws. 

I'm so excited - have I mentioned that? I've already started moving toys, actually using the toy closet (what? craziness!), and sourcing items. I can't wait to get started and show you what I've accomplished so far. 

I'm really hoping this is the change our family needs to actually use this space. Yeah!

More to come...


Hygee: Bonus Room Inspiration

Hygee, a Danish term, roughly translates to a feeling of coziness. It's also a concept that is taking the world by storm this winter. Creating an atmosphere of coziness in which to enjoy everyday life....that sounds like the perfect inspiration for our bonus room. 

In my mind, this is how our bonus room looks...layers of cozy textures, the whole family together enjoying the space, just messy enough (but of course, not too messy!), magical. You know, very real life. ha. 

In reality, I know our space won't look like this but there are things from each of these images that are inspiring me to create our family's perfect space...

Like all the different textural pillows and beanbags. Faux fur and chunky knits coming my way.

Lots of seating and a big table.

Ummm, chaises - there's not much I enjoy more than spreading out, feet up while enjoying a movie with a big bowl of popcorn. 

Again, in my mind, these amazing chaises would play a big role in our design plan, but in reality this is far too dramatic for our family-friendly space. 

But, we could probably pull off something like this...a couple side by side chaises. Me likely.

Again, with the furry bean bags. I know, I know - has to happen. 

The perfect sum it up image...my ideal hygee happiness nook. Who cares that it's warm here 8 out of 12 months a year. That's what AC is for, am I right?

Yes, yes I'm starting to get a real sense of how I'd like this space to come together. First step is to add lots of seating and second step is to cozy it all up. Sounds easy enough to me!

More to come...