Life Lately

Oh my, It’s been so long since I visited the blog - I almost forgot how to log in! Thank goodness for saved passwords, am I right? Where would we be without them…

Life lately has been full of changes - I haven’t really felt like getting behind the computer, so I apologize if I left any of you wondering where I went…if any of you are EVEN still out there, that is. But, life continues despite the lack of blogging, and I’ve been focusing on my new retail business - enjoying the challenges associated with a new business, as well as the ever changing retail market. My absolute favorite things are sourcing the unique finds to offer in my boutique and the happy look on customers faces when they fall in love with them, too. I’m really so grateful to be of the story.

But, today, I felt that all too familiar pull to the computer. I’m not sure why - I’m just going with it. So here we are…my first blog entry in almost a year. Yikes!

We have family coming to stay for the weekend - probably our first guests since March. Naturally, I started looking around the house to see what needed some attention before our guests arrived and I noticed quite a few things that could use a little TLC! With little to no budget to work with I started moving things around, made a couple little purchases and got excited to share them with you. Just like the old days. Here we go…


It all started with this ottoman. I stumbled across it on a local resale website and couldn’t pass up the amazing price for such a unique and fun piece that obviously coordinated with my room so well. Side note: I love it, my family does not. Hmmm…

Moving on.

Sadly the chairs I had in this room previously didn’t work with the new ottoman. Fortunately, I was able to switch them around to another room. Badaboom, badabing - Bob’s your Uncle - it’s a whole new room. A quick stop by Homegoods to find the throw pillows that now tie the chairs into the space. I couldn’t be happier.

Moral of the story: if you work within a narrow color palette all your furniture plays well together and can easily be moved from room to room to create a whole new look.


What happened to those chairs, you say? They moved into this room. And would you believe it, they are much better proportion for this room! AND they offer a much needed pop of interest to this space that just wasn’t there before. Both sets of chairs have been in their respective rooms for well over 3 years and I never EVEN thought they worked in the other space. Huh?!?!

Moral of this story: you never know until you try. Just try it.


Honestly, those are really the only BIG changes I made. Sure I moved some art around and a couple of lamps, which really transformed the overall look of the room for me - but I won’t bore you with those details. You get the gist.

I WILL share the two other sets of throw pillows I randomly picked up from Homegoods. I swear, I just went in to get a rug pad ( oh yeah, I moved a runner into the kitchen too - see, I really WAS motivated!)

Anywho, these cute navy animal print pillows cozy up the front entry for Fall. Can one ever have too much animal print? I say no, but I’m sure others would disagree.

Moral of THIS story: do what you love. Who cares what other people think.


Ok, one last thing and then I’ll let you get on with your day…

I’m super over the fabric on both of these chairs. Especially the chartreuse - I don’t think I EVER liked it, honestly, but with no to low budget in mind I just tossed an easy breezy throw pillow on it and somehow the chartreuse is so much more manageable to me now. Isn’t that funny? It’s the little things.

FINAL moral of todays stories: not all changes have to be huge. Boom, words to live by.

Phew, I did it. I finished my first blog post in almost a year.

Re-reading this I can really see why my little retail boutique is so fulfilling for me - it’s all about finding the unique finds, the diamonds in the rough than giving them new home to be appreciated in. Just like I do in my own home. And that my friends, concludes my deep thoughts of the day. You’re welcome.

Now, I must be off to finish cleaning the house and then pick up the kids for swim practice - two equally exciting activities! just kidding…

Until next time!