A Porch Addition

So so so HOT here in Charlotte…it’s all anyone is talking about. All day, every day.

But, the word on the street is cooler temps are headed our way this weekend. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that they do because we recently added a couple new additions to our porch to gear up for Fall porch season.


For YEARS we’ve been talking about adding something to the far end of our porch. Partially for privacy, partially to keep debris and leaves from coming in and partially because we wanted the porch to feel more like a room.

Well, we finally made a decision, took advantage of a massive sale and purchase four panels of Sunbrella soft white curtains. And we could not be happier. I mean, look how cozy!

Despite the sale, the panels were still a splurge for us so we decided on a little DIY to create an affordable outdoor curtain rod made from galvanized piping. Click HERE to check out the tutorial we used.


As if that wasn’t enough, we also added a pair of lamps to the space.

Ambience overload!!!!

At night, it really does feel like a new little room of the house.

These are not outdoor lamps, so hopefully they will be ok. I figure a new shade every once in awhile won’t break the bank. Has anyone else used non-outdoor lamps successfully in this climate?


A couple other small changes have happened since I last shared this space - new fuzzy throws perfect for those cooler mornings. Or so I hear.

Loving the grey buffalo check.

We also added a new coffee table that I sourced when shopping for my boutique at Cotswold Marketplace … it was just too good to sell on. The pics do NOT do it justice - it’s an antique gate with beautiful texture and patina. Lots and lots of love for it. Plus it’s so much more functional than the ottoman we had previously.

IMG_1432 2.jpg

In case you were curious where the mate to the swirl lamp went…and I KNOW you were … it ended up over here near the dining table. The little bit of extra light helps extend those leisurely meals we have with the kids. Ha. Who has a leisurely meal with kids…no one, ever.


Speaking of kids, they really did a number on this table with their summer of slime making. Maybe you saw the slime-a-palooza on my Instagram account (follow along HERE) ??? If not, it was epic. The table has not recovered.

Now I just cover it with an inexpensive canvas drop cloth that looks surprisingly like linen. Super easy to care for, too.

And when in doubt, stick a massive floral arrangement on the table and it’ll distract from pretty much anything!


Also, the view from the table thru the curtains at night is pretty good! I could sit there for hours enjoying it, if only the weather would cooperate.

I see you, Fall. And I’m comin for ya!

Until next time…