Brass Pineapple Interiors Goes Retail

In case you missed it on my last post, I'll go ahead and shout it out again - Brass Pineapple Interiors is going retail!

What does that mean, exactly, you say? I'll tell you.

We've decided to open a small space in a multi-vendor design shop here in Charlotte, Cotswold Marketplace.  If you're local and have never been to Cotswold Marketplace, now you have one more good reason to go! There are loads of different vendors carrying a variety of items - from lamps, to pillows, to custom furniture & drapery, tons of artists and so much more. Plus, tucked way back in the corner is a brand new little booth near and dear to my heart.


It's mine, if you hadn't already guessed!

It's just a small space (expanding this weekend), filled with everything that I love - like  European influenced furniture and accessories, kitchen and entertaining wares, as well as charming outdoor accents. And, of course, fun jewelry that I love.

OH, and a gum ball machine, too!


They'll be lots of changes in the coming months - as I slowly figure out what I'm doing!

In fact, some of the items in these pictures have already sold and been replaced with new things. So far, that's the most fun (and challenging) part - keeping it fresh and exciting for all those lovely shoppers! 


The most recent installation includes a beautiful iron and marble plant stand, with a brass lion- head planter ( among other things).

You'll just have to check it out ... in picture or person!


But, seriously, more changes happening all the time. Like these fun finds that I hope to get into place for the weekend. Fingers crossed! 

Wish me luck!

More to come....