In The News ... 4

Time is flying by...Spring has sprung and school is almost out for Summer. What the what?!?

Here's a little bit about life lately:


You know what they say about Spring showers? I believe it this year because the garden has kicked it into overdrive. The jasmine espalier is in desperate need of a haircut, but for now we're enjoying the fragrant blooms. Especially now that the gardenia has joined in on the fun! Check out this same wall in the beginning...


A friend introduced me to the Keto lifestyle, which has paved the way to a whole new collection of recipes. We're trying all sorts of new and different alternatives to your standard carbs. A recent hit was this cauliflower risotto with mushrooms and peas - delish! Find the recipe here.


After taking over a small section of our guest room for an office, then never using it and selling off all the pieces ... the office is back, bigger and better than ever. It's taken over the whole former guest room! It's definitely a work in progress, incorporating the antiques takes a little effort (worth it, tho!) but I am loving having a creative nook of my own.


And, in the final bit of news and one of the biggest factors in creating the bigger office is that I have decided to expand my business by opening a small design retail space. The space will be heavily influenced by all the things I love the most - pairing European influenced furnishings with more modern pieces, cooking and entertaining with style, as well as creating a charming outdoor space. I'll definitely be sharing more details as I go along! For now, there's much to learn and lots of research to be done. 

More to come...